Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


5. 5.) No, just..Don't..

Harry P.O.V

           I turned to look at the boys and they were still talking about earlier today. I want to think my mind was messing with me but I think I am more than sure that Tony just went into the room next door. I walked into my apartment and I put in a movie. At around 11:00 I thought I heard a noise coming from the wall. I had to put my mind at ease. I got up I was about to knock on the door when someone opened it and my suspicions were confirmed. I saw some beautiful brown eyes.

          "Uhm what are you doing here.?" I said not trying to sound rude.

          "Like I said I am here visiting a friend." She didn't sound rude but I know it was killing her that I kept digging for answers.

          "And uhm where is your friend now.?" I said peeking into the apartment. She stepped out of the apartment and closed the door behind her. Obviously didn't want me to see or enter. Most likely both.

          "She went downstairs for more cookies." She just won't give anything away!

          "Does she live on this floor and in this apartment I said pointing at the room and then putting my hand back into my pocket.

           "No she doesn't. This floor is actually off limits. So what are you guys doing here.?" She spit back woah. So at least I got to see a different shade of her.

           "I can ask you the same thing.? If you don't live here and this isn't her room then what are you doing here.?"

            "We are here cause some guy kept harassing us at her apartment and we heard this one is haunted. We wanted to check it out. But it's completely empty so I am about to go get some blankets. Are you going to answer my question.?" She asked again.

            "My friends and I actually live here in these two rooms." I said pointing to rooms 2 and 4.

           "But it's off limits is it not.?'

           "Yes but I guess it's one of the quirks of being one the worlds most famous and wanted by the female population." I said and then adjusted my imaginery tie making her giggle.

            "I love that sound." I spat out alarming her.

             "Can I come I-"

             "No, Just...Don't..uhm Well good night curly. I gotta go."

            "Wait.! Uhm- I- erm-" I let out a sigh and just held baack my words

             "Goodnight Tony. The names Harry by the way." I flashed a quick wink and she quickly closed the door. almost relieved that she got rid of me ouch. I like her but I don't liker her like her. She sweet and I could tell she's easy to love. I am determined to make hermy friend. I couldn't help but smile at how much of a dork she is. In a good way. In a hot- good- sexy kind of way. Oh Liam would lover her. Too bad he has Dani.!

Tony P.O.V

           I closed the door and quickly let out a huge sigh. I didn't even realize I was holding my breath. I quickly recapasitated and I went straight to my room. These apartments were unbelievable they were like three huge mansions literally sharing walls. I had guest rooms. My own master bedroom. Dining room Casual eating room. Island kitchen an counter. A bar. It was literally unbelievable.

             I crawled into my bed and I put on Harry Potter. I love these books and movies. I could watch them constantly. I made some cookies and then I heard another knock at the door. I open expecting some beautiful green emerald eyes but instead I was met with some exquisite Brown eyes. He was. breathtaking. I felt my self blush big time. I couldn't even speak at all. I just stood there like such a dork In my leggings oversized sweater and knee socks over my leegins and some boots with my glasses on. I looked like such a dork and I blushed even more. Oh My.!

            "Hi. Uhm. Can I- Can I help...You.?" I asked and he just kept staring at me. I knew it I look so horrendous he's probably shocked anyone would dare to open the door looking like this.

            "Yeah uh- uhm- Harry had me..uh..bring..this. I mean I brought you this. harry told me you were here I wouldn't....Want. You..To...Freeze." He kept coughing in a way making me think he didn't really want to be here.

             "Thank you. Uhm I'll send it over before I leave tomorrow." I said not being able to close the door or say good-bye.

             "My name's uh.. Ni-Har-Lo-Z-Liam My name is. Liam...Oh.Payne. Liam Payne."

            "Sure about that. You seemed a little confused.." I said. Oh come on Tony. Stop embarassifn yourself and go inside before you ruin it even more. I put my hand out and introduced myself.

              "My name is Tony Brower. Nice to meet you Liam." He shook my hand and he was shaking so much.

  Liam P.O.V

           I was so nervous I couldn't stop my shaking. I shook her hand and then I dropped it before I gave her the shakes. Man she was so. Beautiful. I dropped my hand and my gaze went down to the floor. I scratched the back of my head and I looked another way so she wouldn't see the effect she had on me.

             "Good Night. Liam. nice meeting you." She sqid as she closed the door.

              "Yeah good uhm..Good," She closed the door and I kept stuttering, "Good Night Tony. Sweet Dreams." I said to the door. Smooth Liam. I scolded myself. Why couldn't I do that when I saw her. I kept staring at the bottom of her door. Way to go Liam. I just kept being mad at myself and then I heard Zayn.

               "Hey come in Liam. We're about to start the movie. We're watching Spring Breakers." I nodded and I walked into the apartment.

              "Hey man you alright." Harry said walking up to me.

              "Yeah I know. She had that effect on me too. But I didn't get it that bad.."What. The Heck.!



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