Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


4. 4.) My friend lives here??

I really didn't want to turn around but, I did. "Hello there..." Curly guy said trailing off at the end. "Tony, my name is Tony." I said rolling my eyes. "Well then, Tony, I didn't know you lived here." He stated and I had to think of an excuse quick. "Um, I don't, I am just, um, visiting a friend here." I finally thought of an excuse hopefully he will believe it. "Oh, where is your friend?" He asked and I quickly scanned the room, and I saw a lady sitting all by herself eating. I pointed to her and said "right there." He turned around and shook his head and then turned around facing me. "Well, my name is Harry and my friends are over there." He pointed to 4 boys siting in a booth. I had to chuckle at the blonde haired one stuffing his face with food. "Well, I have to go back to my friend." I said and went and sat with the random person. "Um, who are you?" She asked looking up from her food. "Well, my name is Tony, I am sitting here trying to get away from him," I pointed to Harry. She had wide eyes. "What?" I asked and she finally spoke up, "that is Harry Styles." "Who?" I asked. "From One Direction." She said. Oh, that is why I recognized him. I just couldn't put my finger on it. "That is why I recognized him." I said. "I'm Miranda." She stated holding a hand out. I shook it. "Well, I have to go." I said and got up and went back to my room.

Harry's P.O.V

After I talked to Tony, I went back to the lads. Niall was stuffing his face with food. "Niall, manners" I said and chuckled. "Harry, who was that girl with you?" Liam asked. "Her name is Tony." I said putting my fork in my chicken. "She is hot." Liam said quietly not trying to make anyone hear that. "Liam, what about Dani?" I asked he just went back to his food. Awww, I think Liam has a crush. "Aw Liam, do you have a little crush on her?" I ask and he shook his head no. "Remember, I have Danielle!" He reminded me. I just chuckled and went back to my food. "Can you tell us anything about her?" Louis asked. "Well, not much. Just that she claimed to be visiting her friend here." I said. We finished up and went back up to our room. When we stepped out of the elevator, Tony was walking into one of the rooms. Maybe her friend is staying on this floor but, I thought we were the only ones that were on this floor...


Hey guys! Its Megan here!! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter!!!:)

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