Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


3. 3.) Re-Novation..!

Tony P.O.V

       I felt his hand on my sholder  and I didn't bother looking up. I kept my eyes glued to the floor. He released my shoulder and I stepped to leave the store. Then he took a grip to my elbow I stiffened and kept my eyes straight.

                "Erm..My friends and I are about to grab a coffee would you like to join us.?" He sounded genuine and I could tell he was smirking. I put my gaze to the floor thenn turned to look at the grip he had on my elbow. He inhaled sharply and let go of my elbow after giving it one last squeeze. I walked right out of Starbucks without looking back. Yes. I felt bad for just leaving him there but what else was I supposed to do.? I walked out and looked both sides before crossing the street.. I saw the bench at the park- my favorite bench- alone, un-occupied. I loved that bench because it gave you perspective of everything. You could see out into the city and you could look at the rest of the park and The pond is at your feet. Or so it seems. I sat down and I got my sketch book out. I managed to draw a Hummingbird and Four faces in the background. It was two little boys a little girl and A man. It had some sort of meaning to me I just cant remember what it is. I've seen them but I don't know where. I put down my sketch book and opened my notebook. I started to write again. I added a new entry to a story that isn't really a story. I don't even think they could be a story. They were like small entries of a fictional scene or playwrite. It did have characters and such but it was not a story. I looked up halfway through my writing and I saw Curly green eyes, and his friends. They were about to walk into the Grocery store when Harry nudged them and they started to walk toward the pond. Toward me. I was startled and as soon as they all looked away I disappeared. I ran to the hotel and I stood outside the door facing the pond and the bench. My bench. Harry and his "homies" were there already and I was gone. I saw one of them sit down and Curly looked around in search of me. His eyes locked to mine and I went inside. He sat on the bench in surrender. I walk in and I went straight to Martha. I had to make sure they couldn't reach me.

          "Hey Martha. How are ya.?" She looked quizzically at me. I never do this. Well I do but only In the mornings and nights. Other than that we don't really converse.

          "Good sweetie what do you want.?" She cut straight to the chase unlike me.

          "Did you need groceries, clothes" She continued guessing and staring blankly into her computer, "More furniture, decorations.."

           "Martha NO.!" I said scolding her "I do need a favor though.." I said closing one eye afraid of the answer or the reaction of my plead.

           "What is it darling.?"

           "Martha, I was wondering if you could please not tell anyone I exist. If curly or his friends come looking or asking for me. Please. Please act like I am no such thing.?" I asked and her full undivided attention was to me.

          "You mean Harry Sty-"

          "Whatever his name is. I don't want either one of then to know I exist. Please Martha."

          "Tony Angela Brower. You know I love you right. your like the daughter I've never been able to have. I want you to enjoy yourself. You are so trapped. Sweetie, I would love it if they knew you guys lived together. You need friends. You cant keep yourself away from the world. Your only 17 for crying out loud hun. You need to enjoy yourself. go out and do something. Maybe those guys were put next door for a reason.." She continued. I thought about what she said..She may be right. Wait.?! PUT THERE for a REASON. ENJOY YOURSELF. you need FRIENDS. SHE PUT THEM THERE. She is. UN-Believeable.!

            "YOU put them there.!!" I somewhat yelled.

           "Of course I did. I'ts my job-"
           "No. You put them there, on purpose.!!" I pointed my finger a ther. Why would she do that. Out of all the rooms in that floor she put them with ME.!

           "Okay. you know what it's fine im going to go upstairs and do something. I probably wont come down for dinner though."

           "Okay swee-"

           "And DONT. and I seriously mean DON"T tell them about me okay.?!!" I scolded her.

           "Yes sweetie go. Have fun.!!" She said looking back at her screen I hurriedly went upstairs. I put all my stuff down on my desk and I put away my coat. I changed into some leggings and an off the shoulder over-sized sweater. I tried to slick back my hair into a pony tail but all those extra hairs that no matter what I do will not stay down I left fall out. I put my glasses on and I started to move everything around. I slid my entertainment center over right in front of the door blocking anyone from entering. You can still see into my apartment but you can't come in. I slid my bookshelf over blocking the other door. So you can only see into my apartment by removing books or peeking through the top. Which I am not worried about because the peep whole through either door is very small. I couldn't think of something to do about the balcony. That's even easier access. I got an Idea. I called maintence.

             "Hey Fred.?"

              "Yes. Miss Brower.?"

             "Tony, Please. I was wondering if you could please bring me 8 hinges and 32 nuts and screws." I said waiting for a response but all I could hear is a small laugh on the other line.

               "Yes ma'am coming right up." Why was he laughing.? I brushed it off and I walked out onto the balcony. It really did have the perfect view. I could see the ocean, the London Eye The park Starbucks and the city. It was beautiful. I looked down and the guys weren't at the park any more. I paniced a little and I saw they had barely started to emerge toward the hotel. I ran out onto the hallway and I saw Fred about to step out. I ran straight to himand took the stuff right out of his hands.

             "Thank you so much Fred.!!"

             "May I ask why a bright young lady like you would need that many screws and nuts.?"

             "Re-Novations. I'll just put it that way.

                "Okay well then in that case. Anytime, Tony." He waved as the elevator doors closed. I waved back with a huge smile and I ran back inot my room and ran straight onto the balcony. I put the box down and began with the doors of room 2. It wasn't easy because the doors were sliding doors and those weren't so easy to screw down. I got finished with those doors and I moved onto the room 4. I was almost done screwing that door close and I accidently dropped the box over the balcony. I watched it fall and hit the floor right in fornt of the boys. My luck.! They grabbed it and automatically looked up. I ducked down and layed there while they looked for whose it was. I barely made it. 3 of the 4 bolts were in so technically the door was screwed shut.

             I walked back in and I waited for a call from Fred or Martha asking if I wanted the screw and nut back. I sat on my sofa and read my magazine. I am so tired I might just go downstairs for dinner. I sat there and I got up to put my magazine away. I stepped out of my room to go and speak to Martha when I heard the elevator ding. I saw curly's hair and I automatically run straight to the room and make sure I don't slam the door.

             I stay in there and so now I guess I have no choice but to stay in there until I know it's safe I can go. I heard the guys talking and I guess they haven't even noticed the door. I went to rinse the pot I was going t use to make some chicken alfredo, and I saw curly washing a cup. Fortunately He didn't look up and the other guys had their backs turned. Again. Lucky me.!

             I ducked down and I stayed in my room because I didn't want to risk anyone seeing me. "Gosh Tony come on.!!" I keep talking to myself.. "UGH I don't want to go down stairs for dinner. but at the same time I don't want to cook." I tell myself as I let my slef fall on the bed. I walk into my closet and I grab a small curtain. I grabbed two. One short wide one. and one long narrow one. I grabbed a transparent one and a dark one for the Balcony door. And fo the kitchen I grabbed a small green one. I put it up making sure I wasn't seen. I heard a knock at the door. "Oh shit.!" I say to myself again.

              I quickly sprint over to the door. It's Fred.

              "Hi Tony. You dropped this from over the terrace." he handed me the box with one screw and nut left. I quickly grabbed it and almost closed the door. Oh/ Wait.!!

              "Thank you So much Fred." I said making sure the people next door didn't hear me. I think Fred got the hint.

             "Don't worry Tony. These walls are think. They wont hear you."

             "Great. How do you know.?"

             "I work here it's my job to know."

             "Oh right." I heard one of them coming toward the door so I had to make it short and fast.

             "Fred. Please pretty please do me a favor."

              "Yeah sure anything."

             "The guys next door please make sure that they do not find out that I live here. please don't even mention me. Just please act like I don't exist and do everything in your power so they don't find out please.?"

              "Okay. will do Miss Bower. You can count on me. I'll go now before they come out."

              "He's coming gotta go bye. Oh. Thank you Fred.!!" He nodded and I saw the door opem and some blonde hair pop out. I quickly closed the door and I stayed glued to it. I heard him speak to Fred.

               "Hello there mate. Umm Can I help you.?" he told fred, his accent was different. Iris maybe Scottish.

                "No I was just making sure the lighting was fine up here." Fred responded and I didn't hear anything for like a couple awkward seconds.

                 "Um my name I s Fred I work in maintenance. Im here if you need anything." Fred politely said.

                 "Cool man will do.! Hey my friend claims he saw a girl up here in the 3rd floor. But I know this is supposed to be vacant area. You don't happen to now anything about that would you.?" He asked Fred. oh No!!

                 "Nope. There are no other people but you and your friends. The girl he saw was probably me or Martha, the receptionist." they both laughed at the refrence of Fred calling himself a girl I giggled and then shut myself up before they heard me.

                 "Okay thanks man. Nice to meet. Oh.! I'm Niall by the way.!"

                "Great see ya around then." I heard Fred excuse himself and that was it. I went into the kitchen and looked into the Kitchen. Martha said there were five of them. I saw 3 on the couch and 2 on the floor. I fmy math teacher taught me well that's 5. I went out onto the Balcony and I continued my work. I screwed it on and went right back into mine.

                 I took a long deserved nap after that. I decided to go down stairs. I got my flashlight and went down the hall. I opened the door to the staircase and I climbed down the flight of stairs. I went into the Kitchen and I grabbed a galss of milk. I turned around facing the oven reaching for a cookie when I felt the familiar grip on my shoulder. Oh No.


             I've kept having to re-write this chapter because as soon as I was about to publish this chapter my internet refreshes the page and everything deleted so, here it is. Sorry if it is so crappy. I have another movella called Who's Loving You..? Make sure to check that out. Thank you for reading and don't forget to comment.

          P.S I don't normally write author's notes btw. I probably wont do this again


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