Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


25. 23.) Impartial Opinon

Tony P O V

          I was stopping by at Starbucks but as soon as I looked at the time I didn't have any enough to make a stop. I saw there were only a couple of seconds left on the crosswalk for pedestrians so I made a run for it. I almost made it when I felt someone tug me from the side and shove me close to a wall and a car horn honking throughout an entire turn.

             "Hey are you alright there.? You need to be careful." I looked up to see a young guy around my age letting me stand on my own two feet and he stepped back. He  gave a bit of space to breathe and he gave me minute. He picked up my purse and handed it to me.

             "Here you go. Sorry I had to be so aggressive, but that car was going pretty fast." He tried to lighten the mood. He stuck out his hand in front of him and took one step forward.

             "Hello, my name is Christian. Pleased to meet your acquaintance." I gave him my hand.

             "Tony. Pleased to meet you. And I should be the sorry one. I should've seen that car coming." He took my hand and gave my knuckles a light kiss. He sure was handsome, bright blue eyes.

              "Well, I am sorry but I really have to go. I have someone waiting for me at the park. Very nice meeting you and again. I cant thank you enough." I gave him a quick hug

               " Actually. would you mind if I were to walk you? I am actually heading there too." He said nonchalantly. I hesitated but I wouldn't mind the company. or extra eyes and ears.

               "Of Course yeah." We walked and talked all our way there. He spoke to me about himself. Companies he is looking forward to invest in and his hope for the future. He told me about his family and his Grandma that is in the hotel. Same floor as Wren's. He walked all the way to the elevator and we said our goodbyes  at the end of the hall. I went into Wren's room and saw the bed neatly made. Where's Wren. I am about to go into a frantic search when I hear the door open.

                 "Uhmm Where's Wren.?" Sophia stands in the door. She seems Flustered to find me here. But what do you expect. I am here to see my Fiancée. What is SHE doing Here?

                 "I was just asking myself the same thing." I was about to walk out when a bulky perfectly groomed man stops me and blocks the door. I look up to have the same amazing teal blue eyes meet my boring brown ones. I hug Wren tightly and he takes my chin between his thumb and forefinger and lifts it up so my gaze meets his. He kisses me long and hard and both passion and desire spring from his touch to my lips unwinding the same desire from me. I look and his hand is holding a closed and sealed container.

               "and whats in here.?" I ask almost taking it from him but before I do he hands it to Sophia.

                "It's something my mom had me bring to her." She takes it and before I know it she says her Farwell and exits the room. I stare at the door minutes after she s gone trying to capture what's going on. I know its not as simple as an errand.

                  "Ready to go sweetie." He takes me by surprise grabbing my arm and spinning me into his arms.

                   "You shouldn't be doing vigorous activity you're still not fully healed." I scolded him as he held me in a dip and I tried to get up but its hard when your swept off your feet.

                  "I just want to go home and make love to my beautiful beautiful wif-"

                   "uh- Fiancée. not wife. Well, not yet at least." I kissed him and he deepened the kiss. I stopped it before it went any further.

                    "We are getting married in three days, could you believe it.?"

                    "I wanted us to go wine tasting today. Is that okay with you.?" He asked making a doggy eye look. He doesn't even make it convincing but it makes me laugh and it makes me loose my train of thought. So although it isn't as cute as when he was five. From what Lana has showed me it is still effective.

                     "Do we really have to do that.? Why cant we get standard wine. It really doesn't have to be fancy Wren. Simple and memorable, will do...Mr. Montgomery." He kissed me once more.

                    "Hmm. How did I get so lucky.?" I question my self that all the time. How and what goo deed did I do in my life to deserve this monumental of a man in front of me. I started walking out to get the car and I kept walking as I made my way over I was distracted by two arms around me. I immediately turned around to see Liam standing right in front of me. I got into my car ignoring him and next thing I knew he was in the car with me.

                   "Tony please, hear me out.?" I sat there with both hands on the steering wheel and looking straight ahead. I stayed quiet and kept my eyes open and right in front of me.

                    "I was at Nandos that night because I got a text from you. Asking me to meet you there. In the message it said that you wanted to see me and apologize for not telling some unresent feelings you had for me. And this was big for me because you know how much I feel for you. I know I am so straight forward that it seems so unreal. I am sorry for coming at it the wrong way. But I do have SOME sort of feelings for you. Youre right maybe it isn't exactly Love just yet. but I see in you the thing I haven't seen in Sophia. OR Dani. All I need is for you to give me a chance. Just one portion of a chance and that would make me happy. More than happy cause then I would have a sense of belonging to you. But I understand your getting married, shortly. And although it kills me inside that it's another man. I want you to be happy. Please, be happy." He pleaded and as he did he reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze. And as if that was the cue tears started to roll down my cheeks. I blinked my eyes trying to suck up the tears and keep them in. I moved my hand and I folded them on my lap. He nodded his head and looked down. He wiped off his tears and got out of the car.

                      I drove up to pick up Wren and he got in the car. He gave me directions and I started driving to the Winery place. He took my hand and lead me to the big building surrounded by grape vines.

                      "Babe. You should slow down you don't look to well." He took my cup from my hand and set it down. I realized a little to late that I was taking out everything that happened this past month out on the wine. Dealing with Wren's Accident. Liam. Sophia. And having to with all of it on my own. I think i'll just keep drinking.

                      "I'll be fine. There are some things I would like to forget." And that is the last I remember.

                     I was running and running and running. I put my back against the wall and as soon as I did he grabbed me by the throat and started touching me. I tried to keep my eyes closed. But It was hard to when his voice and face kept changing. One minute it was Liam, another it was Wren, then it was Alan, and oddly enough I even saw the guy I met today, Christian. I tried to get out of his grip. I fought and fought. Then, those four faces and their distinct voices became four different people. They all stood in front of and right in the middle far off in the distance was Bethany, just watching. And Wren's name was whispering in my ear.

                     I woke up sweaty and cold, alone in my bed. I was at Wren's mom's house and Wren was no where to be found. I walk outside and frantically speed walk around the house. I run into the foyer and hes not there. I look everywhere and I start to sprint up the stairs when I feel someone pick me up and slide their hands into my night gown. I turn to see Alan instead of Wren.

                 "I was looking for you..!" I see Wren charge at either him or me. And the intense maddening and threatening look in his eyes keep my feet nailed to the ground. I stood in front of him and he kept his gaze at Alan.

                 "Move Tony. I don't want to hurt you." He said in such a low whisper I could help but listen to what he had to say and move aside. Before I could move any more. Wren pushed me into the closet behind me and locked the door. I started banging and banging on the door asking him to let me out but I didn't hear anything anymore. I heard grunts and thumps.

                  "If you....on my Wife again.....Understand..." Was all I could here. I was scared and I moved myself to the back of the closet. The door was opened and I was lifted and put down in the bedroom.

                    "Wren! How could you....."

                    "You HAVE to stop hiding shit from me Tony!" He yelled

                      "Wren I-"



Liam P.O.V

           I was watching a movie with another beer pack of 12. I was getting half way through and saving the bottle of Vodka for last. I went up to the fridge to get another beer as I turn out to leave I see him standing there.

                "I need to talk to you." Wren Stands there and I toss him a beer."

           He caught it and went straight to the couch as I followed behind.

              "What can I do for you my friend.?" He gave me really-you-just-called-me-your-friend look. I put my hands up in defeat. "Just trying to help.." I sat down next to him he took a gulp at his drink and exhaled deeply as he threw himself on the back of the couch. I slide to the edge and turned to him.

           ''What is it?"    "How much do you love Tony?" he asked me. I was taken aback and slide back into the center.

           "Why the qu-"

            "Just answer me."  he interrupted.

            "Too much to go to the wedding." I answered honestly.

            "I want you to stop pursuing her and we should at least act like friends." He said sitting back up straight.

             "Whats this about? "

           "Liam, in the near future I wont be here anymore. I will cease to exist. What I ask of you is to let her grieve and then restore the ray of sunshine I took from her." I was more than shocked to hear that.

            "When?"  "Soon." He replied with hesitation.

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