Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


24. 22.) Why Bother


  All Chapter are being Changed and Edited so your not re-reading. I just want to give a better outcome


Tony P O V

         I sat in front of Liam. We were at Starbucks and of course I had Louis and Harry with me here. I couldn't help but stay still. Frozen staring down at my Carmel Frappuccino. I wouldn't dare look up at Liam

            "Tony I just wa-" I ferociously and as quickly as possible scoot the chair back making a screeching sound, stood up and left the shop.  It started pouring rain and I didn't make one stop. I saw a little gap between two buildings. Not large enough to be an alley but large enough to hide in. I could hear a faint voice calling my name. It came closer and closer I kept my back against the wall trying to hide. A tired Liam Stopped right in front of me. I kept quiet held my breath and stayed as far back as I could. He looked everywhere but the little gap between the two buildings. I Heard the other guys coming. So I stayed as I was.

              "Liam, did you see her.?" Harry caught up to him and Louis was right after. His twin walked up and just stood there as if he didn't run an inch.

               "I thought she ran this way but I lost her." Louis tilt his head my way and Harry made eye contact with him.

               "Why not make our way over to Wren.?" Harry and Louis led away.

               "That Bastard." he said before he walked off. It took everything I had not to walk out there and rip his face off. The worst thing of all is Wren is in bed rest because of me. Because I wanted to know who was the one who took advantage me. Now Wren is paying the price. I let myself fall on the ground and I cried into knees. I felt someone hug me from the shoulders. I winced and looked up to see Louis looking right at me.

                "It's okay love, just let it all out." I jumped into his arms both on our knees in a gap between two stores and pouring rain outside. I felt Louis lift me up and I grabbed the bit strength I had left to stand up with him. He took the hair out of my face and wiped away my tears. I saw him look to the right and I did the same and Harry was standing there. I rushed to his arms and he hugged me as tight as he could, and I did the same. Harry and I went to a near by hotel and he checked us in. He turned on the shower and set it up for me. I went in and all I could think about is how Wren was in the apartment...because of me.

Wren's P O V

            "Mom, I don't want to tell her yet." my mom has kept insisting I tell Tony the truth. I want to. I really do. but what am I going to do when she starts either breaking down and crying for me, or shell want to cancel the wedding because she doesn't want to waste apart of her life on someone who is going to die anyways.

             "Okay, fine. I'll stop pushing this on you but you have to at least consider. Don't you think you owe it to her.?" She had a good point. I'm sure I owe her to tell her the truth. I mean she told me everything. Even the fact that she was sexually assaulted. And that's not so easy to say.

              "One more favor mom.?" She let out a heavy sigh and turned to me.

              "Can you ONLY tell Harry about my problem? He's the only one that knows." I said before she left the apartment.

                   "You know sometimes when I get your results from the lab all I could see is my little 3 year-old-boy who cant seem to stop being mischievous. And then I see my little boy taken away from me." She was getting teary. I honestly haven't thought about how my family would react to my death.

                    "When you were 2. You would always find a way on top of the shelf and entertainment center and you would throw everything off. Every statue, every picture. And then you would fall asleep with your butt in the air. Then your dad...he-he would be in the uh, in the living room, he'd watching. the Barcelona ff-football game and you. You would ALWAYS, La-lay down on him and would. You would always fall asleep on his ches-" She couldn't even finish without bursting into tears. We heard o knock on the door and I went to go get it. She barged right in.

                   "Hello Mrs. Montgomery. Im sorry for what happened to Wren." Sophia? What would she be doing here. Seeing me?

                  "Hello Sophia." Mom got up and left.

                  "Hope you're better." Sophia told my mom and my mom left the room.

                   "You better not tell anyone about this.." I cleared out my head to listen carefully to her so that I could be aware of her plans. I didn't trust this girl.

                     "I know your dirty little secret. You know the one where you go sleep and then suddenly never wake up. And I also know that you've been keeping it away from your lady." Where is she going with this.?

                      "So here is my deal to you. You give me three doses of your sperm and I will not tell your lady lover that there will be one morning in the near future where you don't wake up and leave her alone forever. Got it.?" I could see in her smile she wasn't messing around. I had to do it. I couldn't risk her telling the truth I will have to think about although as of right now it seems as though the odds are in her favor.

Tony P O V

           I got out of the shower after a good cry. And I wrapped my body in my towel. I called out for Harry and he didn't answer so I opened the door and Yelled louder.

          "Harry!! I don't have a Bra or Underwear!!." Once I said it I saw a hand reach into the bathroom and hand me a brand new pair of Victoria Secret Bra and Matching underwear. I gotta admit though they were very cute. He's got good taste. I put the underwear on and let him attach my bra from the back.

            I got out to find a beautiful outfit put out for me I assume Eleanor put it together. But Louis did have a good  taste in bras and undies so it could've been him too. Or El did both. Who know. All I know is im going to look good in front of my fiancé today.

            I walked into Wren's room only to see a very asleep Wren through the window. I was about to walk in when Lana walked out and asked to see me in another room.

           "Sweetie could you please change into this so I can do a full exam on you.?" What the heck was she talking about.

           "An exam.? An exam for what?" I asked trying not to be rude or harsh about it.

             "Wren asked me to do a physical on you. Don't be mad at him but he told me what happened. And he asked me to do an exam on you to keep it private. Keep it between family." She smiled and my nerves calmed down a tad bit. I went ahead and let her do the exam and I just stayed as I listen to what she had to say.

               "Okay we're all done. You can go ahead see him now. Didn't take as long as I thought." We've been at this for 2 hours.

                "They take longer? And when do I get the results.?" I asked and she just smiled.

                 "well if all goes well you should have the results between 3 days and a week." I gave her my thanks, showed her appreciation and I headed over to Wren's room.

                I gave him a kiss and walked out. I saw Miranda with a  batch of cookies and French Vanilla hot cocoa mix about to take it to Wrens room.

                 "How's My Brother.?" She asks

                 "good, Kinda hate myself for allowing this to happen to him. This al my fault and I really don't deserve him. I bring nothing the trouble and bother."

                 "I am so incredibly mad at you." I turn around to see the most beautiful pair of teal blue eyes staring down at me. He caressed my cheek with the back of his hand as he carefully put a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

                  "I kno-"

                  "No. you don't know." He took my face in his hands and spoke to me without loosing eye contact.

                   "YOU make my days bearable. You are my beacon of light that keeps me, me. When I am with you, I forget everything. My troubles, my worries, my Problems all fade away. You are a strong, remarkable, intelligent, independent and clumsy yet graceful woman I have ever met. It is I that has hit the jackpot with being blessed in Marrying someone like you. For a reason we are together and I am grateful for that. I will never forget the love we have had and not even death will do us part. I promise." He kissed me and in that moment no one existed no one could see us and no one knew we where here. Wren stepped back and walked over to his sister.

     I fell asleep on Wren's chest that night. I fell off the bed so typically I woke up and I started to get changed. I walked out of the restroom.

            "Hey Tony.?" I turned around.

            "I cant wait to the day I get to see you have my kids." He smiled. That was genuine statement. It kind of scared me a little.

             "And I cant wait to have them." I smiled and walked away. It felt like something cliché that you would see in a cliché romantic movie but that's Wren. Cliché Romantic and all mine. All Mine.

               "Hey Tony you going home.?" Lana walked into the elevator as well.

               "Yeah. I'm tired and I think it's time I let Wren rest in his own gigantic bed on his own. I'm scared to hurt him."I added.

              I got to my apartment and went straight to my room. It was full of girl clothes and lingerie almost all lingerie. Only one pajama and the shorts were pretty much underwear and the other was a dress. Id rather take the underwear like shorts. on one of the drawers there was a note that read.

          Jordin honey I had some shopping done for you. I hope you enjoy and are satisfied with the clothes we got for you. If you are unpleased we can always go shopping again tomorrow.

                               XOXO Lana


                She really is the sweetest. I set the card down and I tried to go to sleep. As many tosses and turns I couldn't go to sleep. I went into the kitchen and I grabbed a glass of water. I felt someone grab my waist so I turned around in a heartbeat and turned on my defense mechanism.

                 "Sorry didn't mean to scare you. Just me." I sighed in relief it was just Alan.

                 "It's okay. You really frightened me there." I giggled and set the glass down. He just smiled at me and said nothing.

                  "What.?" I asked confused.

                  "I can see why he is taken with you. Goodnight Tony. Hope you liked the lingerie I got you. Could really picture you in it. And about fixing your bra earlier... no problem." He left with a smirk and I just stood there in complete disbelief. What did he mean by all that.? I was petrified and I thought I was going to make a scene right then and there but, Why Bother. 



SOOO there it is I tried to make it long I tried to make it good but I just tried so I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. Please like and comment.


I need help With Liam's Twin's Name. I was thinking Leroy but I need help so feel free to let me know your ideas. They really do help.

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