Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


23. 21.) Fighting Anew..

Tony P O V

            I watched as the paramedics finished putting Wren in. I kept my eyes on Liam who either seemed to not know what was going on or choosing to ignore it. My blood was boiling and my tears were a constant flow like a river on rocks.

                 "Sweetie, would you like to come in the ambulance with me.?" Wrens mom and left the hospital to come and help rescue Wren. I felt bad saying no to her but I had something to take care of first.

                   "Okay. Text me once you get there so I can bring you up." She gave my shoulders a squeeze and I felt bad that I didn't go and I just kept crying. I kept my gaze at Liam as she walked away and I could hear the ambulance sirens go off and fade into the distance. I turned around. Harry Louis and Eleanor were still here. They started rushing towards me and I pulled out my gun. They quickly stopped in their tracks and I just kept crying.

                  "Whoa!! Tony. Hey. Umm please put the gun do-" I turned around and automatically just started shooting into Nando's. I knew Liam was in there but I didn't care. I wish I could shoot him but im not a murderer. I shot the windows, mirrors lights everything but him. I gave him a scare. But that didn't compare to the pain, heartbreak, and possibly child he gave me. I felt someone bring my biceps down and someone else take the gun from my hands. I turned and Louis was already taking it apart and I just fell on my knees and cried. I quickly got up wiped my tears away and ran to the hospital. It was about 3 miles away but I was holding too much emotion to just sit so I ran it all off. But there is so much that this world is lucky Louis took the gun away. Harry came running behind me and Louis left in the car with Eleanor. I get to the hospital and Lana (Wren's Mom) Was there to take me to him.

                   We got the third floor I saw a bunch of little rooms and Lana took me into one of them. It was empty.

                    "What are we doing here?" I asked and she had me lay down.

                    "Wren asked me to do a check up on you. Sweetie please don't be mad but he told me what happened and I agree that I should do a physical and see what's going on in your body."

                       "So basically you are going to check if I am pregnant.?" I stated.

                       "Not only that. make sure they didn't hurt you or your insides that can happen in situations like yours." I layed down and I exhaled just to relax a little. But how can I relax when my fiancé is in a hospital bed and someone I considered a friend possibly raped me. She finished the exam and said I should receive the results in a week.

                       "Hey. How are you?" I walk into Wren's room and talk to myself.

                      "I am SOO Sorry." I broke down crying. "This is all my fault. I shouldn't have told you. I shouldn't have went over there. I should've been able to handle it myself and learned to be strong. You shouldn't be here, unconscious and you shouldn't be loving me. You should be with someone who deserves you and can give you as much as you. I love you so much but I cant stand seeing you like this and know it's all my fault and that I am not worthy to have you in my arms. It's a real honor to have my heart broken by you. I love you so much." I kissed him and started to walk away.

                    "Come here." I heard someone say. I turned around and Wren was awake as he held out his hand. I shook my head no and he rested his arm again.

                     "I can't i'll melt in your arms all over again. You make me nervous and all it takes is your voice for me to fall back into you. That's not necessarily helpful when im trying to leave." I said as I cried.

                     "I am mad at you." Was all he said. I bowed me head down and cried. I know.

                     "How could you possibly think I am better off without you.? This is NOT your fault. I am glad you told me. you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. And It's because I love you why I would rather be in this bed myself than you. I would never want to break your heart. I love you too much." He caressed my cheek and then I heard someone clear their throat behind us. I turned around not bothering to wipe my tears from my eyes. It was Louis.

                     "He's here." Wren was trying to jump out of his bed Louis and I had to hold him down so he wont go and kill himself and Liam at the same time. I smashed my lips onto his and his body just stopped and he let his rage go. not completely but he repressed the urge to kill Liam.

                    "I'll handle it." I said as I walked away from the room and into the waiting area. I saw him standing there and I stopped walking. Louis saw I didn't keep going so he stopped and came back and faced me.

                       "I don't think I can do this." I said almost crying

                     "It wont be too hard. He doesn't know what happened yesterday."

                      "What do you mean he doesn't know." I questioned as we kept our eyes inside.

                      "He hasn't spoken about it and he just seemed to not know or chooses to deny it ever happened. I walked in mad as hell.

                       "What the fuck!?' I yelled as I charged myself at Liam. Harry came up to me and put his hand over my mouth.

                         "Hear me out. Turns out it wasn't Liam." I looked at Harry confused

                        "WHat do you mean, I saw him there. YOU saw him there.!"

                         "But it wasn't him!. Tony Liam was there because he was Instructed to be there by someone. That phone wasn't his.!" Liam approached me and I tried jumping out of Harry's arms to get him but they held me back.

                         "Tony, this really isn't what it seems. That night you only woke up next to me because I picked you off a dark alley. I had found you in just your bra and it was ripped from the back so I threw it away and I layed you in my bed."

                          "Did you-"

                          "I didn't take advantage of you. I bathed you and I put you to sleep."

                          "Why do I have bruises and why am I sore?" I asked tears dripping down my face.

                          "I don't know. I was hoping you would hear me out in the morning and let me take you to the doctor."

                           "What you should've done is notify her fiancé and let him take care of her." I heard someone step inside the waiting room. It was Wren.

                          "Her fiancé was no where to be found." Liam responded rising up to the challenge.


Liam P.O.V

            I stepped towards Wren and Tony automatically intervened. She turned her back to me. Of course I will always come second to the fiancé. Why would I even consider other wise. I love her but she has her future set in Wrens arms. it may just be time for me to give it up.

Tony P.O.V

           How are you out already? You JUST got hit by a car!

                 "I only have a shoulder blade contusion Tony. Ill be fine. I can go home tonight." I made an attempt to hug him but his shoulder was in pain so I couldn't just embrace him although I really wanted to. But one thing I knew for sure. I have seen a shade of Liam that compromises my thoughts on my marriage.






So Sorry that it's so short.! I'll try to keep updating... I tried my best but enjoy

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