Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


22. 20.) Past Wars

Tony P O V

         We finished dropping Alan and Justin off at their mom's house and we stayed for a second just to say hi. She also gave me a 3 page wedding check list and that scared me a little. So much has happened I kind of put off and forgot I was getting married. Wren took the keys away from me. He decided I was too out-of-it to drive and brought it upon himself to do something about it. I thought he would just kill me when I saw him pulling into an abandoned road going no where. But what seemed like an empty road leading to m too-soon-death was the perfect distraction.

           The off road lead to a huge cliff type of thing that was or seemed like a never ending meadow with those lavender and orange poppies with daisies growing all around the place. There was no way you couldn't love this place. To the right of the cliff was a huge waterfall. I've never been to Niagara Falls but this felt much more beautiful. I questioned what we were doing here to myself as I watched Wren get out of the Truck and go tot he back of it pulling out many things. I lost myself in the stars and next thing I knew he was sitting on a inflatable mattress with pillows everywhere, and a couple candles here and there.

              We gazed out at the sky like that for a while. After 9:30 Wren drove back home and he had an urge to cuddle me at home. We both got on my couch and he brought me some Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Hot French Vanilla. My Favorite. But the more Wren loves me the harder and more vivid 'that night' becomes. And it becomes a much bigger weight on my shoulders. I thought I was doing a phenomenal job at hiding it but I guess not. He hugged me tighter and he got up sitting right up and on him. I quickly got up and so did he. He sat me back down and he sat right in front of me holding my hands in his as he kissed my knuckles. I held back the tears and I went along with whatever he was planning.

               "Okay. Now you HAVE to tell me what's going on in that beautiful mind of yours sweetie..." He got up on his knees, quickly kissed my forehead and went back down to stare right through me with those beautiful teal green eyes of his. The more I stared into those wonderful eyes of his the harder it became to conceal the tears that threatened to come to rim of my eyes. So as hard as it was to do it I avoided his look. I tried to get up but he lightly pushed my shoulders back down and I was again sitting right in front of him.

              "Wren I don't wan-"

              "I know but you need to. So let it out, Spill." He interrupted me. I already know there is no way out of this one. I have 2 choices. I tell him what happened, or I go with another story.

              "I am afraid I may loose you if I tell you the truth. But you do deserve to know." He stiffened and his eyes grew wide.

               "I want to tell you Wren. I really do, because I haven't told anybody and It's eating me up inside and its ruining me because I cant even let you hold me like you would without feeling like such-" I stopped again and looked at him one more before storming out of my apartment. I grabbed a jacket and my keys and I took off.

                I ran out and dialed Eleanor's number on phone. It rang twice before she picked up. She was laughing. now I felt bed because I didn't want to ruin her night.

                 "Hello?" I heard her voice and she was happy. It only made me feel worse about calling her and myself.

                  "I'm sorry." I began to cry and I hung up.  I got into the elevator and pushed the star button. I pressed the stop button to stop the elevator and I crouched down to my knees and just cried in there. I felt my phone buss from my pocket. I didn't want to answer it so I let it go to voice mail as I set it down in front of me. My phone flashed which meant I got a message from someone. I picked it up and looked at it. I had a missed call from Eleanor and a message from  Louis.

From Lou: Meet us at Starbucks. Only El and I. You okay?

I messaged him back.

To Lou: I am sorry I didn't mean to ruin your night. you can go back to do what you were doing.

From Lou: And we will, once you come over and tell us what's going on.

To Lou: Did you tell anyone or say anything?

From Lou: Of course not. We'll be waiting.

             I got to Starbucks and I saw only him and Eleanor sitting there with Iced Teas served and one right in front of him. I was assuming that one was mine. I walked in and El quickly got up and came to hug me. I cried in her arms before she passed me onto Louis' arms. He rubbed my back as he squeezed and just kept telling me it would be okay.

              "Come here, sit. We didn't tell anyone. We just got up and left. Not even Harry." He handed me my Iced Tea. I set it down in front of me and just stared at it maybe a little too long cause Eleanor had to duck her head to look at me.

              "You okay Sweetie.?" I looked up snapping out of it and I smiled lightly letting my face fall back down to the Iced Tea. I finally took a sip and looked at the both of them.

             "I uh- I really am sorry..about...this whole sitch."

             "Don't worry about it. We love you, we are always going to be here for you, No matter what." Louis said and he reached over for my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

              "Okay, goes nothing...Remember that night that wren left..? Well I was..

Wren's P O V

           I burst through Harry's door and Liam was there with Sophia cuddled up to him sitting next to Zayn and on the other side of Zayn was Harry.

            "Sorry man but I need you." tears welling up in my eyes.

            "Tony here..?" Liam got up almost dropping Sophia and not giving a rip about it. I looked at him as he were stupid and I continued with the problem at hand.

            "No. I have a problem with her and I need you Harry." I said Harry got up and before we left Liam got up.

           "What a man, Come to his house and ask him for help with YOUR girlfriend rather than being able to keep her yourself...Probably why she left." He teased.

            "Shut it Payne I don't need your shit right now-"

             "Then why don't you leave?" He stood up. I grabbed him by the caller and I pushed him against the wall.

             "I came here because I need a friend right now. Since this is none of your concern you should be a gentleman and stay out of it." I dropped him to the ground and started to walk away. Sophia left the house as soon as I dropped him, Harry shook his head as Zayn got up and just mumbled "all time low man.." Shook his head and also left. Liam stayed there as Harry and I left to the cafeteria.

             "What's wrong Wren.?" he asked worriedly and I just looked at him without saying anything.

             "Tony." That was all I was able to say to him cause that was all I knew.

             "What happened to Tony. Wren if you did anything to her-"

             "No. I don't think it was me I didn't do anything to her. I would never."

              "Then what's wrong with her.?"

              " I don't Know. We were cuddling one moment and then the next thing I knew she was crying and she just took--" I was interrupted by something in the far back of the cafeteria.

               "Sofia??" She was having sex in the cafeteria again with that blond guy. She looked up and the guy took a run for it. Now I at least what his face looks like.

               "What the fuck? You seriously have no fucking shame.." Harry had a moment and continued his rant. She was changing right in front of us so I just hung my head down to avoid accidentally looking at her cause I mean when there is a naked girl in front of you your bound to look at one of 2 things maybe 3.

                "Please don't tell Liam. This is all his fault anyway. He's too busy paying attention to your girlfriend rather than his own." For some reason I had the need to defend him

                 "That's not his fault. maybe you just need to step up your game."

                 "Says the one who doesn't know what's going on with his girlfriend." She spit back

                 "Fiancé. And I could figure it out if she doesn't want to tell me." I assured her and she giggled.

                  "I could tell you. I saw what happened to her. I could tell you with detail." She laughed looking at her nails as if this was no problem for her at all.

                 "Tell me-"

                 "Wait I tell you what I know, no questions and in exchange you do me favor..."

                 "We keep our mouth shut about you and that blond guy to Liam." I beat her to it.

                  "It was 2 weeks ago. The night you left, to be exact..

Louis P O V

             Poor thing was balling her eyes out. She finished telling us what had happened. El and I both got up and sat on either side holding her and trying our best to console her and help her put herself together.

             "So you never saw this guy.?" She sniffled and shook her head saying no.

             "I only saw that the call was made by Zayn Malik and my phone next to a hammer shattered at the screen." She cried once more.

              "I know it's going to be harder to tell Wren, but I think you should. And the sooner the better. We will be there with you if you want when you do. We wont say a word we will only be there for Moral support." Eleanor said trying to make her calm down.

              "I don't want him to leave me.." She cried harder. Then it made sense to me. She was mostly crying out of the fear of loosing Wren, I mean yeah she's crying cause of what happened but it hurt her ore to think she could Wren.

              "Tell you what.. We go to Zayn ask who he Called that morning or look through his phone ourselves and find out who it is and where they live or ask them to meet us somewhere. We talk to him and ask what happened that night. Sound like a plan.?" She nodded

                "Okay but can I freshen up while the two of you look for it.?" I nodded. We got up to leave. I hugged her tight and kissed her head.

                "We'll always be here for you okay love.." She hugged me tighter and I let the tears fall out. I was angry. FULL of rage. I have my own plot in my head. I will take a gun and before I shoot him for what he did I will beat his ass and let Wren take a swing at him.

Tony P O V

        I was praying to god that Wren wasn't there. I was going to make myself look good and I was also going to take my gun. I am not planning to shoot him but I do want to be prepared. I was going through my things and I took out the gun box from my safe and the bullets. I was about to walk out when I saw Harry and Wren walk in. I looked at Wren's eyes he had been crying. He came up to me and gave me a tight hug. Like the one Louis gave me. Compassionate, loving, and I felt like he was angered. Just like Louis.     

             "I thought you knew when I gave you this ring.." He said grabbing my hand and he held my left hand running his thumb over my engagement ring as we both stared at it.." It meant that no matter what either one of goes through we will go through it together. Nothing you or anyone could do that will make me ever want to leave you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you in my arms, I want to have a family with you, I want to have and to hold you till death do us part." He made me kind of giggle at the end of that. I surely did smile though.

            "You say that now, but you don't know the truth Wren..and I am afraid that when I tell you, you-" He kissed me long and hard but Passionately and with lots of love.

              "I know, I know the story. Someone told me since you wouldn't. And before you get mad or upset it was NOT Eleanor or Louis. If anything I should be mad they are willing to hid it from me." I looked at him confused. Who could've told him. Lou and EL are the only one's that know..

          "I texted the number they're waiting for us right outside of Nando's and-" Louis stopped in his tracks and looked at me worriedly.

            "It's okay. He knows. And he has our back." I looked up at him and he kissed me once more.                               

             "Let's get going.." Harry pushed us all out the door and followed us to the car.

           We arrived at the scene and I looked around. I didn't see anyone.      

            "Where is this fucker at.?" Wren asked.

              "Well I didn't get to finish. He said he got the owner to close down Nando's and he will wait for us inside."

              "But Louis all the lights are off." Right when I said that I saw someone turn the lights on. Kind of dim.

               "I'm going." I got off and started walking towards the window to see who it was first and decide which one of the boys I would need.

               "Not alone your not.." They all got off and followed me. I was still about 7 feet ahead of them I crossed the road halfway. I was able to see a lot more clear now. The man inside turned around. I quickly turned around and let the tears fall out.

                 I faced them hoping they wouldn't proceed. I heard a crash sound. A car hit Wren trying to push me out of the way. but before that they had all stayed there, shocked.

                            It was Liam inside of Nando's. It was Liam.




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