Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


18. 18.) The Real Liam Payne...

A/N So sorry for not updating sooner. I have too much going on with Graduation coming up and all. I tried to make it long to make it up to you guys so here you go. I made it so long I broke this chapter up into two parts.




Tony P O V

         I'm turning 20 today. Not too excited. I went to get ready cause apparently Wren wanted to do something special for me. I decided to go down to the cafeteria after stopping by-or jumping into- Wren 's apartment. I went to the balcony and jump off mine and into Wren's and Miranda's. I got there and fixed my hair with the reflection of the door and I walked in.

         "Hi Tony. Damn you look hot. You don't look like your usual nerdy self." She giggled and I laughed with her.

          "Thanks..i think. Umm is Wren here.?" She pointed to the door while sipping her coffee.

           "He's in the shower, should be right out." She cleared out. She walked past me and sat down on the couch. She was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S while sipping on some French Vanilla Hot Cocoa. My Favorite.

            "Would you like to join me while Wren gets out and dressed.?" She patted the seat next to her and I awkwardly nodded and moved over. She served me some and we watch a half a season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and "She's The Man" and Wren still wasn't out. Miranda got a look on her face that scared me.

              "I'll go see what's holding him up okay you can just sit here and watch he movie." I felt like that was a cue for me to follow along.

              I did and as soon as we both got really close we put our hands on the door knob and I was about to go in when the door flung open and a tall handsomely dressed Wren stood there staring at us oddly.

              "We uh I was just um. I thought you were still in the shower." I stuttered and I guess Miranda found that funny.

              "Were you going to join me.?" He smirked before wiping his mouth I just stared at him in awe how can a man be so beautiful so real and genuine and everything a girl could ever want.

              "No I was-" He cut me off by smashing his fresh and moist lips on mine and as he kissed I could taste that spearmint toothpaste he loves to use and the sweet sweet taste of his lips. His hands traveled down and I could hear Miranda slight cough. Wren smiled and put his hands on my butt then disconnected the kiss

                "Happy Birthday." He said before smacking my but and an uncomforting look washed over Miranda.

                 "Thank You. Sorry about that." I turned to Miranda apologizing for her brother's behavior.

                 "It's alright. Happy Birthday Tony." She hugged me and I invited her to breakfast with us. She got ready and we took off. We were making our way over to the 'place' that I couldn't know about and I was blindfolded. this was terrifying cause I could at any moment have an anxiety attack. I could hear my heart race faster and faster until I could no longer take it. I grabbed the blindfold and was about to pull it off.

                  "AH.!" Wren said and I could feel his hand over mine so I wont do it.

                  "Wren I -"

                  "I know, I know. But we're here." I let out a heavy sigh and I let him do his thing. I heard two doors close so I got nervous when I felt a hand on my thigh.

                 "It's okay sweetie. Just me. I'm here to take you to your destination." He helped me off the truck and I hugged him so he cant push me off a cliff or into a pole. He took the blind fold off and I opened my eyes. I couldn't see anything it was pitch black. Worse than the blind fold. My anxiety was growing again. I gave Wren's hand a tight squeeze and after I did I saw an entire arena light up with various and brilliant colors. It all lit up and it spelt out "Will You Marry Me.?" In different colored bulbs surrounded by blue and Yellow ones. Our favorite colors. I turned to look at Wren and he was on his knee Holding up a box with the most beautiful  diamond ring I had ever seen. He looked me dead in the eye and I stood him, I took his face in my hands and kissed him endlessly.

              "Whoa I need to propose to you more often." He stuttered and I giggled before connecting our lips again.

               "SO that's a yes.?" He questioned.

               "Of course I'll marry you." I said and one single little tear came out. He kissed me again and this time I was hoping we'd do more than just kiss. His hands were again traveling up and down my body while mine went into his shirt. He deepened the kiss and my hands started to make their way down his abdomen and gave a little squeeze at his waist. He lift me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso. My hand made its way to the seam of his jeans and I started to undo his pants.

              "SURPRISE!!!" I turned and I saw a shit load of people coming down from the top of the arena and make their way toward us. Shit.! I got off Wren, picked up my jacket and put it back on. He tucked hi shirt and back in and buckled his pants back up.

                Everyone was here. The boys and their girlfriends except for Liam. But Sophia was here. I saw my friends from the hotel. Fred. I saw people I've never met before. Probably Wren's friend or family. Wren hugged me close by. and whispered in my ear.

                "Surprise princess." I hit him because he almost made me have sex with him in front of all these people. He ushered me over to about four people. Miranda was there too.

                 "Tony I'd like to introduce you too.. My mom Lana Montgomery. My dad Joshua Montgomery. My brothers Alan and Justin Montgomery. They're twins. My youngest brother Wesley Montgomery and my Two sisters Miranda and Lilly Montgomery." He finished I was so dizzy so many hand shakes and hugs and he had a BIG family.

                  "You guys are one big family." I giggled and they all laughed with me. "Very nice to finally get to meet you all. Great pleasure." I smiled and they smiled back at me.

                  "Lilly where are the kids.?" Wren asked. Kids.? There's more. His sister looked around and whistled. Next thing I know there are three little kids at her side. Two boys and one girl.

                  "Tony this is.. Keaton, Trystan, and Aaleyah. They're my kids." I smiled at her. And I hugged all three. They were 2 4 and 5. Pretty close in age. "They're lovely." I said and she smiled and let the kids go play. "Thank you."

                   "Uh Babe I got another surprise for you."

                   "Wren, how.? This is amazing enough." I kissed him and he smirked.

                   "Not exactly I know your heart and I know something that could top it all." I smiled and I grabbed his hands.

                    "I am your fiancé nothing could ever top that." I said and he pointed over to the big screen coming down from the ceiling. It turned different colors. Right in front of it was a stage. I saw dark figures appearing and as they got closer to the light I couldn't believe. My family. He flew my family out here. This didn't top the proposal but they were equal cause I can't even explain how much this means to me. I got them down and I lead them to the Montgomery family.

                    "Guys and Ladies I'd like to introduce to you MY family. This is my mom. Mary Bower, my brothers Austin, Michael, and Spencer and my little sister Penelope. These are Austin's kids Adrian Amanda and Michelle along with his wife Isabelle. And this is Michael's wife Vivian and his daughter Bella." I finished and they all spoke to each other and said their greetings. Our moms connected pretty good and so did our siblings.

                    "Tony what about your father.?" HI mom asked me and all attention went to me my family looked down and my mom gave me a nod.

                     "Uh my- my father he uh- He passed away about a month and a half ago." I said choking back the tears cause I really didn't want to be upset today. I was engaged which means I will be getting married and I don't have a dad to walk me down the aisle. It became harder to choke back the tears so I  excused myself. I didn't want to ruin the mood or make his mother feel bad for asking me. it's not their fault. It's nobody's fault actually. I made my way back and I ran into Sophia.

                   "Where is he.?" She semi-yelled at me. It was aggressive for sure.

                    "Excuse me.?"

                    "Liam I know you were with him. Where is he.?"

                    "You have been here the entire time I've been here with Wren and his family. You need to stop being so paranoid and go look for him yourself." I said and I tried to walk away. She grabbed me by my arm and spun me around.

                    "Either you tell me where he is or else..."

                    "You don't scare me. besides I don't know where he is I haven't seen him all day."

                    "Stay away from him. he loves me not you.!"

                    "If you have to say it to others to make it true then you really should question just how much.!!"  She slapped me across the face and I was about the hit her back when Miranda came in and shoved out of my way.

                       "Don't you EVER lay another hand on Tony again. You understand.?" I was crying not because of Sophia but because of my dad. But it kind of worked.

                    "Let's go." We walked outside and I went to Wren. He saw how I had reacted and told me.

                   "I have another surprise for you but because I know you'll be even more emotional it'll wait for when we get home okay.?" I nodded and I followed him. I saw Liam walk out of the building and I saw Sophia was just staring at me endlessly.

Liam P.O.V

            I barged into Tony's apartment. I grabbed a guitar her MacBook laptop and I sat in her room and turned it on into video. She can't Marry Wren. She loves me. I started recording.


*the recording*

     Hey um so this is sort of awkward to start... well I don't know how to start. I wrote something that night at the park thing. I want to tell you a story first. It was someday in the summer that I hope you can remember. I check into a hotel and we reserve a floor that is off limits. Harry claims and claims that he saw a girl that was perfect for me. I seriously didn't believe it. I had just gotten over my ex and I wasn't in the mood for another girl. One day we start watching a movie and Harry asks me to take a blanket over to a girl that next door. I didn't want to cause I knew what he was trying to do. I take it and a beautiful girl of about 5'4 opens the door. She was wearing glasses and her hair was wet. She had legwarmers on over her leggings. She was nerdy but cute. I was mesmerized the first time I saw her. I thought I would never see her again but even then all I could do was think about her. About what she might be like. I was kind of making up a personality in my head. I was creating her personality and habits and things she might like. One day I thought I saw her run across the hall so I ran after her I didn't see her so I assumed it wasn't her. Later that night I decided to go for a swim. I walk in and I hear a beautiful full and soft voice coming from the steam room. at first I couldn't make out the song. then I realized which one it was. I followed the voice and I saw a beautiful body at the end and I realized who it was but I couldn't stop looking at how beautiful she was. Naked but beautiful. I walked out and I went for that swim. I saw her open a book and I swam up to her. I kissed her. And in that kiss I felt something. Something special that I know I would never find again. Time passed and guy made a move on her before I got to. So now I suffer, loving her with everything I have but I have to hold onto it all because she's loving him...not me. So I see them so I love and all I could do is wish it were me. So here I made a list of reason why I love you.


                                        I love that:

                  You know me.

                  Your facial expressions

The way you say my name.

The way you WANT to tell me things

Your smile

Your laugh

How we have the same sense of humor.

That we're on the same wavelength

The friendly Flirting

Our Conversations

How you care about me even if it's not the way I want

How your not awkward around me

How you smell especially when it lingers on my clothes

Your hugs and how they're warm

The way your eyes light up when you laugh

How you're such a geek

How our hands fit perfectly perfect together

I love how your concerned about me

How you make me do that cliché sigh

How we're best friends and we're so close

That I can trust you.

I love that I can sing this to you and mean every single word of it.

*Sings Little Things*

*Truly  Madly Deeply comes on with a slideshow of all their pictures and moments together*

I just need you to know how much I love you.

*End of Recording*

              I closed her laptop and I put it on my bed. I walked out and went to the same place I took her when I told her I loved her.



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