Two Worlds Apart

~~Liam Payne Fan Fiction~~
Tony is new to Europe and she flew there alone so, she knows no one and doesn't have a place to stay so she is staying in a hotel. She found a Starbucks and Harry sees her and doesn't think another thing of it until he sees her again. He talks to her and Tony is very closed. very mysterious she doesn't really open up because shes not like out there as much, she meets Liam and he is still with Danielle. But, what happens when Liam discovers that he has feelings for Tony??? Will he go for it and go for Tony or stay with Danielle and forget his feelings??


14. 14.) I'm Sorry...

Wren P.O.V

          I opened the door and I smiled to see her looking a little too sexy for my taste but oh well. I heard a knock on the door and Tony went over to open it. It looked like a police officer.

           "Miss Brower.?"

           "Yes that's me. How can I help you.?" She scoot a little farther back. I could tell she was uncomfortable and me- as her boyfriend- it is my job to save her.

            "Excuse me officer is there a problem.?" I stepped in front of Tony and she hid behind me. I opened the door a little wider and Tony looked over my shoulder holding onto my biceps for reassurance. I held onto her hand to comfort her.

             "Sort of Mr. Montgomery. I have a message for Ms. Brower form the hospital of San Francisco. Her father has been transferred from the Kaweah Delta hospital care." He took a deep breathe before continuing and looked down at his feet before looking back up at Tony.

              "Sorry you have to hear this but your father is in critical state Ms. Brower. We fear he may not have much time left." That broke my heart into a million pieces as she squeezed the shit out of my bicep. She's loosing her father and in some unexpected time she'll be loosing me too. She just pressed her forehead against my back and stayed there she didn't move, budge or maybe even breathe.

               "Is that all officer.?" He had a look of sympathy in his eyes. Good thing Tony didn't see she might of said something.

               "Yes, I'm deeply sorry and Your family will be in my prayers Ms. Brower."

                "Thank You officer. You can go now." I spoke for her and he left the hall. I closed the door and Tony still didn't move and she didn't budge. I grabbed her by her wrist and pried her off of me so I could turn around and hold her properly. She looked shut down. I lead her to the bed but then she ripped herself away from me.

               "No. I am not going to sit here and dwell on it. Let's go to the party." She had tears at the brim of her eyes.

                "Tony. You have to go see your father." She just looked at me but quickly looked away. She hadn't shed one tear. She just kept her head held high and remained optimistic.

                "My father is a strong person. He can pull out of this one I know he can." She remained the same. Emotionless.

                "I have a business trip. A huge party actually and my flight will leave in about two hours. Can you PLEASE come with me.?" I held her close to me by her waist as she stood right in front of me.

                "Okay." She kissed me. "But how long should I pack for.?"

               "Two weeks and half should be the least." I said honestly.

                 "For a business trip.? Wren tell me the truth or I wont go with you." She pouted.

               "It's a surprise. please come.?" I said and she doubtedly started packing. I know she doesn't believe me but it's all she should know for now.

               "Babe I'm going to step outside and make a call." I stepped out into the hallway and I made the call.

Liam P.O.V

             I stepped outside the hallway I was about to go knock on Tony's door when I heard Wren outside.

            "Hi, Mckayla.? Ready.? In two hours.......... Correct............ No she doesn't know about this and I would appreciate it if you kept this a secret................ No she thinks it's a business trip........... I told her at least two weeks.......I don't think she bought it but for sure we're safe...Okay see you then...Bye." Was he cheating on Tony.? I had to say something.

           I followed him. He went into her apartment. and I kept my ear to the door. Tony was in there and I guess they were about to leave.

            "Babe can you first please accompany me to the party. I have to be there I created it. At least for two hours." He agreed and they were heading. I started to walk and I wasn't fast enough.

              "Hi Liam. Why are you not at the party.?" I turned around and Tony looked Stunning. Really simple yet so extravagant. Simply extravagant.

             "Beautif- uh I came out to take a breather it's quite packed in there. Why aren't you two in there yet.?" Wren glared at me then smiled over at Tony.

               "We are on our way there we had a- uh incident but it'll work out." I looked at Wren giving him a I-know-what-youre-doing-and-you-wont-get-away-with-it-glare and he looked at me puzzled before grabbing Tony and pulling her closer.

                "Just know that no matter what happens" I said emphasizing it as I looked at Wren "I'll be here for you. No matter what." I said and Wren kind of held hi breathe.

               "I hope you mean it. And you keep your word Liam." He said and quickly they were off to the party. I was left there looking at their ghost. I felt a hand in my arm and I was spun around. Tony leaped into my arms and stayed there for about 5 minutes. She tightened her grip and I couldn't help but cherish the moment I had to hold her. I stayed there with her stuck in the moment. She left inside and I stayed there by myself for another 5 minutes. I walked inside and I was immediately pushed into a room. I couldn't see anyone until a light turned on. It was Wren.

                "I don't know what game your playing but I need it to stop. At least for now." He said and those words 'for now' automatically took me back to yesterday when Harry pulled me aside just like Wren did. "for now" What did those two mean by that.

                "And I don't know what your game is but if Tony ends up hurt I'll go after you." I got in his face and he stepped back almost giggling.

              "You think hurting her is funny.? Cheating on her.? Using her.? I don't know what your game is but as soon as I find out I will do everything in my power to get you away from her." I looked at him and a smile grew on his face. What the fuck.?!

              "Thank you. And believe I would only hurt Tony over my dead body. Literally. Thank You for caring for her that much. When I leave it would make me happy if you protected her from anything and anyone. Please don't let her feel anything but happy."

               "You're leaving her. Is that what that call was about.?!" I yelled completely giving myself away.

                "Nothing like that. I would never." He sat there and I stayed there angry. He was walking away but before he did he stopped where our shoulders touched.

                 "Please be patient. You'll have your turn." He walked away almost out of the room he greeted someone.

                 "Hello love, Happy Birthday. I hope your having a great time." It was Sophia.

                 "Thanks Wren. Go out enjoy yourself. Tony seems kind of down why no go with her.?" He nodded and left the room. Sophia walked over to me and immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I kissed her back. Kinda had to.

                  "Let's go dance come on." I ushered her out of the room and I went straight to the bar. She kept welcoming people and I kept drinking. I kept seeing Tony, Tony everywhere. Her kissing Wren, dancing with WREN, grinding on WREN, smiling with Wren. Why not me. I went up stage and I sang a song with the lads and I couldn't keep my eyes off Tony I think Sophia noticed cause she got kind of mad at me. Not even done with the song and I saw as Wren leaned over to kiss Tony.

               "GET OFF OF HER.!!" I yelled and I punched him squared in the jaw. Harry and Zayn took me away and Sophia stayed at the party. I blacked out and Next thing I knew I wake up in a room that is not even mine. Where am I.?

Tony P.O.V

            Wren and I left Britain about 3 hours ago. Wren said we still had about 9 hours of flight. Talk about having a jet lag. At least he had a private jet so I was free to move around. Who knew I would end up with a super hot British CEO. We talked about what happened with Liam. which was not my favorite subject. I looked out the window. I loved the view. Wren was asleep so I was reading. I was literally on the last chapter of the 50 shades trilogy. It's too good to put down. I read it when I am not with wren because otherwise he'd laugh at me and ask me what new porn adventure i'm reading.

                  "Ma'am we'll be landing in New York in 15 minutes. There you'll be put in another jet and fly out to San Francisco." San Francisco.?

                  "Excuse me can you please tell me what hotel Mr. Montgomery has reserved." She looked at her ipad and the looked at me.

                  "He reserved the closest possible to the San Francisco Hospital. Is there a problem.?" She asked with a huge smile.

                   "No none. Thank you." She went away and I smacked Wren as hard as I could with my book right on the chest. He didn't move. It's like I hadn't even hit him. I shook him and he was startled awake like I had thrown ice down his shirt.

                   "What happened.?" He said rubbing his eyes. I hit him twice this time.

                   "Ow.! What was that for.?"

                   "One for Scaring me and Two.! For lying to me about you business trip. We're going to see my dad aren't we.?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and the palmed himself in the face.

                   "Yes we are. Because whether you like it or not you need to see your dad. Every moment you have with him is a blessing. Remember that." I stayed quiet and I looked out the window again.

                  "We're here." He muttered. I got off the plane and I turned on my phone. It was instantly blown up. I have 16 messages and 9 missed calls. And all but one form the same person.




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