can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


12. unexpected call

**2 months later**

~~Alice P.O.V~~

these 2 months have been amazing me and harry have spend so much time together. I've gotten to official meet all the boys and they are wonderful. Me and harry have just fallen asleep on the sofa watching love actually. I was woken up by my phone ringing i answered with out looking.







"It's me Naylha"


"How did you get my number"


"My butler help me"

Oh yes Sir jeffers Naylhas butler. Hes quite handed with tracking people, technology, and karate. Naylha is my best friend well I don't know about best friends cause since I left I couldn't talk to her anymore. We had alot of friends but it was just because we were concered popular and of course rich. There was 5 of us in our group me, naylha, jasmine,stephanie, and daniela. We ruled the school well technically they did. They called them mean names but they didn't care cause they still had people who wanted to be our friend. They mostly called them rich bitches but not me cause I was the quiet one that walked behind them. Naylha was the main one of our group, Jasmine was the pretty one who could get any guy she wanted but she didn't like to think of her self like that she wanted an actually guy who liked her for her, Stephanie is the smallest out of all of us and the one with the best fashion sense, Daniela is the tom-boy she the athletic one, and for me I'm the smart one.Then I realized naylha still on the phone.




"still here so where are you"


"I can't say" i really couldn't say cause if i did naylha would get all the girls and they get on one of their private jets and come to see me.


"Oh come on"


"Naylha I really can't"


"Okay so how have you been"


"Fine but its really hot over her"


"Is that bad"


"Well its unually here in eng..." I stopped myself.


"Were you about to say england "


"NO" I quickly hung up and put my phone down.


I looked at harry but he was still asleep. I started to think of all of the good times me and the girls had together, and the bad times. There was this one time we were walking down the hall way and as usually we were in our walking formation. Naylha was in the middle jasmine was on her right side, daniela was on your left, Stephanie was next to daniela and i was in back of naylha. we came to a stop and as always marina comes up to us. Marina is a girl who wants to be part of our group we did let her in one time but she tried to turn us against naylha so we kicked her out and ever since she like stalks us its like shes obessed and she absolutely hates naylha. but anyways she came up to us probably asking to be part of the group again and how we go shopping, blah ,blah. I gets annoying after you have to hear it everyday. Well on this day Naylha didn't feel like putting up with her werid looks and her annoying voice. So Naylha pushed away but not that hard but behind Marina was a trash can and she fell in head first and her legs were wiggly out of the trash can. I had to admit it was funny but also mean but naylha didn't mean to. I was taken out of my memory when I felt someone playing with my hair. I turned to see harry smiling like hes cheeky self. 

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