can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


30. thought friends were suppose to stay with you

 Alice P.O.V

I thought were suppose to last well... at least some do. Its been 3 weeks since I've seen Naylha, Stephanie,and daniela. They haven't called me or texted me. I talked to Niall and Liam and they told me what happened. Liam and stephanie didn't think they should date. Niall and Naylha decided the same thing as Stephanie and Liam. But I didn't guess why they didn't want to talk to me anymore but I still have Jasmine, at least now I know who my real best friend is. 


Jasmine and zayn on the other hand thought they should start dating and i haven't seen Jasmine happier than when shes with zayn. They look perfect for each other and i couldn't be happier for them. 


Me and Harry have been doing good to and its just a couple days till they start their tour again.


louis and jalen are also dating and they are happy too.

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