can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


17. the lads meet the girls

~~Zayns P.O.V~~

I got to nialls house with liam louis he would meet us here when he was done getting ready. We walked in and there was niall, harry, alice, 4 other girls on the sofa. One of girls sitting on the sofa looked magnificent she is so pretty but i want to get to know her first. we walked up to the sofa and the girls introduced them self's and i huged everyone we sat and the sofa talking and waiting for liam.Jasmine was the girls name such a beautiful name. We sat next to each other and i fell deep into her brown eyes and into our conversation.I really do like this girl and I hope she can become mine one day. but at the corner of my eye i saw liam was deep into a conversation with stephanie.


~~liam P.O.V~~

I was there sitting talking to stephanie. She is so nice and funny and pretty. Me and her are going for .lunch tomorrow and I just can't wait to really get to know her she seems so wonderful.


~~louis P.O.V~~

I walked in and there were 4 girls I've never seen before there. they introduced themselves and they seem really nice i think we would all become really good friends.i started talking to daniela and she super funny and she likes soccer like me and she also love basketball.i think were ganna get along great.

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