can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


8. the date


Harry's P.O.V

"You look great," I said looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Thanks now where are we going?"

"It's a surprise."

We walked walked out the door and there was Harry's car a black range rover.

"Nice car," she said sliding into the passenger seat. "Thanks" He turned on the car and we took off. We parked in front of a bakery "What are we doing her?" "You'll see," a smile grew on my face. We walked into the bakery and went to the back. "You said you didn't want anything exclusive so here you go," I said as I looked at her smile on her face. It was a table with a candle and a rose on it. "Its perfect Harry." I walked her to the table she sat down and I pushed in her chair. I went to a taco bell bag and gave her a burrito and tropical lime slushy. "How did you know I like taco bell,'' she asked. "Who doesn't," I sat down cross the table from her. We talked the whole time and I really got to know her. 



                              ~~Alice P.O.V~~

We talked the whole time on our date. Finally when we were done eating we into the car and left. Instead of going home he took me to a park. "What are we doing here?" I looked at his beautiful eyes. "You said you didn't somewhere you could be mobbed easily, race you to the swings." He ran to the swings and I ran after him. He beat me to the swings I sat on one and he pushed me on the swing then sat on the one next to me. We could see the sunset from here. "Isn't it beautiful." he asked looking deeply into each others eyes. He leaned and came closer and closer to me I wanted him to stop but I couldn't find the words. "I-I think we should go," I stuttered. He held his hand out and out and I took it he lead my to the car and our finger intertwined. We got in the car and drove home Harry drove up in his drive way and I got out of the car. "Bye Harry," I said starting to walk across the street. "Wait!'' he yelled.  I turned to face him. "Let me walk you home." "Harry I just live across the street."  He held my hand and we walked across the street to my house. We stopped in front of my door. "I had a great time today with you Harry." I blushed. "Me too." He started to lean towards me again. This time I was frozen when all of a sudden my youngest sister Samantha opened the door. Harry quickly turned to her "Who's this," she asked pointing at Harry. I picked her up "This is Harry," I said as I carried her. I put her down and she ran to the living room. I looked back at Harry " Good night I guess."  " Good night" He said looking at me before turning to leave. "Harry wait." He quickly turned around. "I don't kiss on first dates." I said before closing the door. 


                                  ~~Harry's P.O.V~~

She closed the door and turned back around waking to my house. I got up to my room and jump on the bed. I texted Louis that I was going to stay her the night and meet them at the hotel tomorrow. I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

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