can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


15. off to nialls

~~Harrys P.O.V~~

Alice went to go talk to her friends and the guy in the tux was still standing next to them. I then look at my phone and it was 7:05 I walked over to alice and whispered it was time to go to nialls and if she still wanted to go. She nodded her head in agreement and looked at the girls again. 


"We have to leave but if you guys want you can stay here"alice said.


"where are you going" Naylha said.


"to a friend" alice said.


"Is it one of the lads from one direction" stephanie asked.


"Yeah its niall" i said.


"Can we go please please" Jasmine pleaded.


"I guess" alice said.

we all got into the car. i looked at alice and whispered whos the guy in the suit. she looked at me and i guess she doesn't know the point of whispering cause out loud she said "who he" and pointed at him. Naylha looked at us and said "Oh thats my butler Sir jeffers he goes everywhere with me as protection, hes very good at karate" i turned around thats really cool to have a butler they're probably really rich. I put my arm around alice and she her head on my shoulder and we were silent the rest of the car ride.

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