can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


2. meeting him

~~~Alice P.O.V~~~

We were in the car leaving New York this so sucked just cause my dad screwed up we all had to leave. Me, my three sisters, mom and dad. I had to leave all my friends behind Jasmine,Stephanie,Daniela, and my best friend Naylha. I had to leave all of them behind THIS SUCKS! Now we were heading to Holmes Chapel in England where I have  to leave until the men that wants to kill my dad are gone or forgets about him. The bad thing about my dad being wanted is that my whole family was in danger too including me. The other bad thing was that we couldn't go to the police because then my dad would be arrested for all the things his done. We arrived at the airport heading to our plane when all of a sudden I heard people screaming, but all the screams sounded like girl screams. But i couldn't see cause my family started to run to the plane before any one saw us. Finally we we were on the plane my mom and two sisters were sitting behind me. My dad and youngest sister was sitting right in front of me while I was sitting alone cause i didn't want talk about anything right now. I was there relaxing when I saw 5 boys in the plane they were all really cute  the one with curly hair winked at me and i smiled a little bit. He looked at me "you mine if I sit here," he said looking a me with a smile. "Uhh... sure," I said unsure. "What's your name," he asked me as i looked at his green eyes i fell into a trance.


"Hello," he said worried.


"Ohh! What did you ask," I asked. "Your name," he said repeating himself.


"My name is Alice, whats yours" I asked looking at him. "You don't know who I am," he said with a confused face. "Am I supposed to" I said confused. "I'm Harry from One Direction".


"Well Harry from One Direction I still don't know who you are, and what's One Direction?"


"You've never heard of us."


"No and who's us."


"Well me and you see those boys over there," he said while pointing at the other four boys I saw walk in. "Ohh...," I said turning to face forward. "But you still haven't answered my question," I said turning to him.


"What question"


"What's One Direction?"


"Were a boyband  we sing all around the world."


The reason I didn't know about them is because while we were living in New York for two in a half years i had to lay low cause my dad started to have problems and get into trouble i could go hang out with my friends but to current places and i didn't or couldn't really listen to music because of everything that was happening. "So what part of England do you live in," he asked as he looked at me. "I am actually just moving over there to a place called Holmes Chapel," I said  looking out the window. "Really! Cause I live in Holmes Chapel," he said looking at me with a big smile on his face. I shivered and yawned."Cool... I'm going to take a nap," I said yawning. "Hold on," he said standing up. He came back with a blanket. "Thanks," I said opening the blanket. The blanket was huge it could cover like 30 people. I started to close my eyes when i felt him tap my shoulder. "Yes?" I asked turning to look at him. "Is it alright if I share the blanket with you cause I'm pretty cold," he said looking at me with a puppy dog face. "sure," I said unsure. I gave him some of the blanket. I tried to close my eyes again when I felt Harry's hand slowly move towards mine. I turned to him he quickly grabbed my hand before I could pull away. '' what are you doing," I asked looking at our hands as he intertwined our fingers. "What does it look like am doing, I'm holding a beautiful girl hand," he said as I blushed. "Thanks, now can i go to sleep." I asked him. "Yes you may," he replied. I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.


sorry I made it so long and I will post the next 2 chapters tomorrow.

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