can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


21. at the mall

~~Louis P.O.V~~

We started to walk around the mall the girls had already gone two stores and had boughten clothes. The lads had boughten the girls some of their clothes but they wouldn’t let them buy the rest they didn’t want the lads to spend all their money on them. But harry took Alice wallet away and wouldn’t let her pay for any of her clothes she tiered getting it from him a few times but all her attempts to get it failed.

Me and Jalen started falling behind the group and talking she plays the piano like me kind of. She also plays the violla and she plays sports.

~~Alice P.O.V~~

We came into Forever 21 and I found a few tops but I didn’t want to get them because I knew Harry would pay and I didn’t want to waste money on me. But when I was about to put the clothes back harry came behind and wrapped his arms around my waist.


“Why are you putting the tops back love?”


“Because I don’t want you to waste money on me”


“But I want to”


“But I don’t”


“If I let you buy one of your tops with your money will that make you feel better?”


“Yes, but I still want to buy my own clothes”

Before I could say another word he took the clothes from my hands and paid for them because there wasn’t a line he got to pay before I could do anything. He came to me with the bag.


“I paid for one of the tops with your money”


“Thank you but seriously give my wallet”

He smirked and ran away.


I went looking for the other girls and harry came with me to find the boys with walked hand and hand. I had found Stephanie and Liam but we couldn’t find the rest so we split up harry and Liam went to go find zayn and jasmine and I went to go find Naylha and niall. Louis texted me he went to get a smoothie with Jalen. So we all went our separate ways to search. I and Stephanie looked around the clothes sections then we decided to go check the dressing rooms we heard the sound of someone smacking their lips or was it someone making out? We looked under it and we saw Naylhas & Nialls shoes we started to bang on the door.

~~Nialls P.O.V~~

**Authors note**

My friend Naylha wrote this part hope you like it.

Me and Naylha were in the middle of making out when I heared banging at the door but I didn’t care the kiss of prefect our lips moved in sync while it felt like our tongue were fighting. Naylha pulled away to see who it was when the door swung open it was Stephanie and Alice. Naylha gasp and the girls looked shocked they started looking at Naylha weird when I turned and looked at Naylha I noticed she was just in her bra. She saw me looking down at her chest then she saw & she got on her shirt. I remebered why she had her bra off I had came in while she was changing. The girls walked away and I pulled her for another kiss I couldn’t help myself. The girls came back, “Come on love birds we have to meet the others “Alice said. Me and Naylha pulled away and laughed we started to walk towards the others hand and hand with our fingers intertwined. 

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