can't let go

Alice has to move to Holmes Chapel, England after her dad gets into some trouble back in New York. She meets One Directions Harry Styles and they end up liking each other until she finds out about a bet... Will they still like each other or separate.


4. across the street

~~Harry's P.O.V~~


Damn! If it wasn't for all these girls I would of got to Alice. I really messed up I should of never made that bet. I was so happy when she agreed to go on a date and then I had to screw it up. I got into the car waiting for me i waved bye to the boys cause i was going to visit my mom before i go to the hotel. I called Alice but she didn't answer I probably called her 15 times until she answered.


"What!" she said angrily.


"Please let me explain"I begged.


"Okay explain how I thought you actually liked me, how I thought you were a sweet and kind Oh WAIT there is no explanation cause I heard the truth I'm just a bet and you NEVER liked me!"


Then I heard a beep she hung up. Man I messed up. I kept calling but it just kept going to voice mail. I got out of the car and saw people across the street I guess people finally moved into that house its been empty for years.

I walked in my mums house and my mum ran to me. "Hi you hungry," she asked "No not really" I started to walk to the corner of the wall to set my bag down. "Oh and did people move in across the street." I asked walking towards her. "They probably moved in just right now," she said as she took brownies out of the oven. "Well since your not hungry I'll give these brownies to them so they don't go to wast." Anne (my mums name) put her shoes on walked towards the door she then turned to me. "Harry come with me."  "Do I have too," I whined. "Yes you do." She walked out the door. I got up and walked out and closed the door behind me. We crossed the street and Anne knocked on the door a young little girl opened it she look familiar but I didn't know why. "Love is your dad here," Anne said looking down at her the little girl nodded and ran to get him. He came to the door. "Yes?" He asked. "We brought you brownies to welcome you to the neighborhood," Anne said she handed him the brownies. The man looked familiar too and then I saw a girl walked behind him "Alice!" I said in a low voice, but the man heard me "You know my daughter?" He asked with a weird look on his face. "Yes I'm harry the guy she was sitting with on the plane."I said as I tried to see her. "Oh yeah," he said realizing who I was."Can you call her I need to talk to her."  "Sure, Alice!" She came running towards him not noticing me. "Yeah," she asked. he pointing at me and she turned we both stared at each other she had an confused face.

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