Dance For You

"I want you to teach me!" Zayn exclaimed shaking me.

"Me? Listen here, pretty boy. I don't teach dancing. I do dancing because I am dancing. I'm the best dancer on the Lower East Side here in Parker Heights. I don't understand why I need to teach you. Dancing comes from within!"

"So, you'll teach me?"

"Fine. I'll try to upgrade you." I sighed.


3. Upgrade U


I grabbed my bag but was stopped by a "Sammy, wait!" 

 I turned around. Zayn was running towards me but I glanced at Ricardo Malta who stuck out his foot. He tripped over it and landed face down on the ground. I quickly went to go help him up. 

I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. Zayn dusted himself off. "What the hell, Ricardo?" I snapped. Ricardo threw his toothpick to the ground and shrugged. "He needed a lesson why he shouldn't be here," he replied cockily. His friends snickered. 

"Whatever. Just don't trip him. Or next time you trip, it'll be off a building." I smirked. His friends ooh-ed. Zayn stifled a laugh. I took his hand and we walked out of the building together. We continued walking ingoring their hyena laughter that was behind us. 

"Seems like you know them,"

"Ricardo and I have horrible history. Let's just say; I would be at home changing diapers." 


I noticed I was still holding his hands, so I softly removed my hands. "Are you going home?" 

"Nope." I replied with a small shrug. "Just goin' to my studio." Zayn laughed like it was a joke. "What?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him. "I can't believe a shorty like you has a studio. I bet it's a baseball field. And you're the little toy's funny."

I rolled my eyes. "Let's stop by my aunt's convenience store. I need to grab something before I go practice at my studio." Zayn laughed again. I hit him.

We both walked into the store. "Hola tía Lola. ¿Puedo tomar algo antes de ir a bailar? (Hi Aunty Lola. Can I grab something before I go dancing?)

"Claro. ¿Quién es este chico guapo? ¿Es tu novio? (Sure. Who's this handsome boy? Is this your boyfriend?)" she asked. My eyes widened, "¡No! No es más que un chico de la escuela. Me gustaría que era sin embargo (No! He's just a guy from school. I wish he was though)." 

She nodded and waved us off. I went to the back of the store to get me some Gatorade. "What was that about?" Zayn asked, grabbing one too. "She just asked who you were."

"Who am I?"

I giggled, "Just a guy from school."

"Oh." We both made our way to the counter and in her best English, Aunty Lola said, "Three dollars and forty-five cents."

But get this, she said "Farty". Zayn and I burst out laughing. 

"¿Qué es tan gracioso?" she asked, with a worried look on her face. I shook my head, "Nada, nada. Te veré en casa."


We arrived at the La Villas Apartments. 

"Damn, This is an awesome place." 

"It is. Wait till you see my studio." I smiled, taking his hand and pulling him inside. I pulled him downstairs to the basement. 

We both made it to the basement. It was a big ballet room with giant mirrors at the back and the front of the room. The floors were wood and were waxed beautifully. "This is my studio." I bragged lightly, walking in.

Zayn looked inside of it with wonder. 

"You weren't lying, were you?" he asked setting his stuff against the wall. "Why would I lie?" I asked, stripping myself of my shirt. Don't worry, I had a sports bra on.

His mouth fell open. "D-Do you do that whenever you're here by yourself?" 

"Of course. I can't sweat in my school shirt." I responded, beginning to stretch. It was just an old baggy KISS t-shirt that I thrift-shopped for.

"Ok. So would you mind if I took my shirt off?"

My cheeks blazed as I watch Zayn strip himself of his shirt revealing his abs.

"N-n-nope." I stammered. His tattooed abs turned me on. Especially his  "POW!" tattoo. It was hot. We were both stretching. "Why are you stretching?"

"I wanna get started on today's lesson," he replied, reaching down for his toes. "What lesson?" I asked getting up. He leveled with me. Wow, I was short. 

"I want you to teach me!" Zayn exclaimed shaking me. 

"Me? Listen here, pretty boy. I don't teach dancing. I do dancing because I am dancing. I'm the best dancer on the Lower East Side here in Parker Heights. I don't understand why I need to teach you. Dancing comes from within!" 

"So, you'll teach me?" 

"Fine. I'll try to upgrade you." I sighed. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYNIE, I LURVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! I'm seriously locking him up in Forever 21. I'll make sure he doesn't come out or I will kidnap him and lock him in my bedroom.


Just kidding! I love you, Zayn!  

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