Dance For You

"I want you to teach me!" Zayn exclaimed shaking me.

"Me? Listen here, pretty boy. I don't teach dancing. I do dancing because I am dancing. I'm the best dancer on the Lower East Side here in Parker Heights. I don't understand why I need to teach you. Dancing comes from within!"

"So, you'll teach me?"

"Fine. I'll try to upgrade you." I sighed.


2. Troublemaker


"Penelope Mathers?"

"Here," a girl named Penelope replied plainly. 

I glanced back at the golden haired girl that danced at the bus stop this morning. She had her ear buds on and jamming out to Maroon 5. "Moves Like Jagger" to be exact. 

"Samantha Martin?" the teacher called. I was guessing it Tiny Dancer here. She was dancing in her seat with eyes closed like nobody was watching her. "Sammy Martin, are you here?!" 

'Sammy' stopped and looked up to see an angry math teacher. "Whoops. I guess I was moving a bit too much like Jagger." she said adding a nervous laugh. The class giggled, I did too.  The teacher held out her hand for her iPod. Sammy groaned and got up to hand her device. 

When she finally took a seat, she blushed when I chuckled at her. 

I turned back and continued to work. But music was playing again faintly. I turned around to see Sammy with pink ear buds listening to Little Mix's "Wings". She wasn't dancing like last time, she was very focused on her work but was mumbling the lyrics. 

Sammy lifted her head up slowly, our eyes locked together. Her brown eyes lightly reflected off the sun. I didn't think I could look away. She brought her finger to her lips and mouthed, "Don't snitch, please?" 

I smiled and mouthed, "Yup." Sammy's face turned bright red. I could feel myself getting hot myself. 

"Zayn Malik?"

"Here." I replied finally. "Feels nice being the last one on the list?" I heard Sammy hiss. I chuckled and hissed back, "It feels great." 

I could hear her adorable giggle. 

"Well, you have a nice name." 

"Thanks. Yours is prettier, though."


"Nothing," I lied quickly, saving myself from total embarrassment. "Quiet in front," the teacher snapped. I got quiet but glanced over at Sammy who was laughing silently. I rolled my eyes and let a quiet chuckle


I was strolling down the hallways until a familiar squeaky voice called for me. I spun on my heel to see Tiny Da-I mean, Sammy, running over to me. Her gold curls bouncing up and down. "Hey!" 

I smiled, "Hey."

She stopped in front of me. Wow, she was short. "What's up, shorty?" I asked with a small laugh. "Shut up!" she exclaimed hitting my chest playfully. I could feel myself blushing as I laughed. 

"Well at least I'm not a giant." she smirked. I used my hands to compare the both of us. "I'm a proud giant. You're just a dwarf." 

Sammy giggled and linked arms with me, we started walking down the hallways. "You have big muscles, you work out or something?"

Now I blushed. 

"Nope. I box." 

"You're a boxer?" she asked with wide eyes. "Yeah. I don't box in Parker Heights. I box near the city. But I'm planning to box here." 

"That's cool. Cuz most of the boys that box here are hot."

Did you hear that?

That was me being turned on.

"Really?" I asked. She gripped my arms, "Yup." I licked my lips and kept looking straight. 

I hope this short troublemaker is not making me fall into her trap. 

Cuz if I do...I'll be glad.


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