Dance For You

"I want you to teach me!" Zayn exclaimed shaking me.

"Me? Listen here, pretty boy. I don't teach dancing. I do dancing because I am dancing. I'm the best dancer on the Lower East Side here in Parker Heights. I don't understand why I need to teach you. Dancing comes from within!"

"So, you'll teach me?"

"Fine. I'll try to upgrade you." I sighed.


5. Jealousy: A Trait I Don't Have.



One word to describe Zayn and his dancing the past few days. 

It was amazing to see him move like me. He's better than me! I mean, holy shit, he is good! 


Shit. I fell out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom. 


After a quick shower and grooming, I rushed over to my room to see that I was even more late. If I hadn't been picking a song to take a shower, this wouldn't happen. My body was dripping wet and I was searching frantically for my outfit. I decided to wear a pair of khaki shorts, a black short-sleeved top, and my classic Converse. I put on my cheetah print infinity scarf. 

I never wear makeup. Like I skipped the girly part and hurried to the kitchen to see that tía left me lunch. I grabbed it and ran out the door. 

Then I realized, I left my bag!


I finally made it to school.

As soon I stepped into the door, there was a voice cleared. 

"Ms. Mar-teen." 

I turned to see the bald headed dictator of PHHS. 

Mr. Leslie Hitters. 

I gulped and managed to squeak out a, "Good morning." He narrowed his eyes at me. "You are late, Samantha." 

"I-I know. I'm late but it's for a good reason, I swear-"

"Samantha, you know you must be here on time when it comes to Monday mornings." Mr. Hitters said coolly. I gulped once more. "You know the consequences when it comes to being late." he told me leaning in so I could smell his rotten coffee and tomato juice breath (God bless his breath). "Especially for dancers."

"After school detention?"

"After school detention."

I groaned and stomped to class. I hated Mr. Hitters...I hated this school...I hated my life. I bet Zayn had it better than me. Because if he did...I would suspend him for my dance class.

Just kidding. I like him too much to do that. 

"Yo Sammy!" a British voice called. 


I turned around to see him running to me with a pink slip in his hands. A detention slip! Why didn't I get one?

"Hey dude!" I smiled, giving him a quick hug. "You have detention?" He nodded with slight embarrassment. "Are you mad?"  He sounded scared too. 

"No, I do too. Don't be scared, cutie." I giggled, pinching his cheeks like my abuela does to me, my sisters and brothers. Zayn laughed and we both headed to our class. 


Lunch time...had finally arrived. Thank God. 

Hitters let us eat lunch outside since it was nice outisde. 

I checked what Tia got me. A sandwich, an apple...boring. OOOOH! And a bag of Hot Fries.

I started snacking on the Hot Fries but I started eating the sandwich too. I spotted Kaya sitting with Zayn. They seemed to be getting comfty. Kaya glanced at me and pointed at me. Zayn smiled and blushed and told her something. She seemed to think it's funny so she touched his hands. 

I grabbed my things angrily and walked in. 


I was gathering my stuff to go home. 

"Don't you have detention, with Zayn?" Kaya asked with a small giggle. "I'd rather get suspended." I mumbled. "What was that?"

"Nothing, mother." I said sarcastically, slamming my locker. I walked to Mr. Hitters' office. Completely ignoring Zayn and his utter struggle with his stupid lock, tears started rising.

I walked into the main office and saw Mrs. Burley typing vigouously on her computer. "Excuse me, is Mr. Hitters here?" I asked kindly. 

"He's in a meeting. He told me to tell you and Mr. Malik that you two are excused." she replied looking at me with her bright blue eyes. 

"Thank you. Have a nice day, Mrs. B!"  And with that, I ran out the door and out of the school.


 Tia and I were eating dinner. It was an awkward one. 

"¿Cómo estuvo la escuela hoy? (How was school today?)" she asked with her dimples forming canyons. 

"Escuela estaba bien. Usted sabe que el chico que me gusta en la escuela? (School was fine. You know that boy I like at school?)" I asked, taking a big bite of my pasta. Tia smirked, "Sí. (Yes.)

"Bueno, estaba ... coqueteando con Kaya ... todo el día. (Well, he was...flirting with Kaya...all day.)" I told shamefully. 

"¿En serio? (Really?)

"Sí. Estoy muy cabreado. (Yeah. I'm really bummed.)

"No te preocupes, Sammy. Él siente algo por ti. Confía en mí. (Don't worry, Sammy. He has feelings for you. Trust me.)" Tia said with the warmest smile possible. I returned that smile with another. 

"¿Está seguro? Él estaba coqueteando con ella todo el día. Incluso tuve que cancelar la clase con él. (Are you sure? He was flirting with her all day. I even had to cancel class with him. )" I said, taking more bites of my food. 

"Wow. Es mejor asegurarse de que dos permanecen juntos. Juntos, como siempre. Si usted sabe lo que quiero decir ...! (Wow. You better make sure you two stay together. Together, like forever. If you know what I mean...!)" Tia laughed. 

"Tía! (Aunty!)" I shrieked. 

"Estoy bromeando, estoy bromeando. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding.)" Tia said, still cracking up.

"Es mejor que tengas. (You better be)" I laughed. 

Sometimes, my aunt can be my mother. 


HOLA! sORRY For the late update. Here ya go! 


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