Dance For You

"I want you to teach me!" Zayn exclaimed shaking me.

"Me? Listen here, pretty boy. I don't teach dancing. I do dancing because I am dancing. I'm the best dancer on the Lower East Side here in Parker Heights. I don't understand why I need to teach you. Dancing comes from within!"

"So, you'll teach me?"

"Fine. I'll try to upgrade you." I sighed.


1. Dropping It Low at the Bus Stop

I danced down the hallways of my apartment jamming out to Kat DeLuna's album on my phone. 

"¡Buenos días, Sammy," greeted Mrs. Lopez, carrying her laundry. I smiled at her and continued dancing around to the voice of Kat's voice. I bought her new album yesterday and started listening to her in the morning. I gripped my backpack as I danced out of my apartment building. I spotted Georgio, the mailman. 

That's when my favorite song "Drop It Low" came up. "This is my sooooong!" I exclaimed, grabbing his shoulders and shaking it crazily. "Good morning Sammy...?" he stammered when I stopped shaking him and kept walking (Haha, I mean dancing!) my way to the bus stop. 

 I passed by many people who said good morning to me, but I ignored them as I was still listening to "Drop It Low". 

"Drop it low, pop it up, pop it up, turn around..." I sang as I swiveled my hips to the beat. I made it to the bus stop and started dancing as I changed it over to my Beyonce playlist. People were giving me weird looks as I moved my hips. 

But some were impressed. I removed my earphones so Beyonce's voice could escape out loud. 

I started dancing my own way. Popping, locking and moving my hips. Now everyone was impressed. I took off my Chicago Bulls snapback and laid it against the ground.

As I continued dancing, money was being put inside. I smirked at a few boys who thought this looked good. They also had the face why their girlfriends couldn't move like me. 

I continued dancing in front of the large crowd of people who clapped for me. This morning I wasn't looking forward to school, but I was looking foward for some cash for lunch and personal reasons. 

A twenty fell into my hat. I looked up to see some really cute guy with a messy quiff smirking at me. I bit my lip and I watch him go inside the bus. I picked up my hat, stuffed the money in my bag and ran up the steps of the bus. 

I swiped my student Charlie card. I went to the back of the bus. They cheered for me as I made a move before I posed. Twenty Dollar boy glanced back at me and flashed my an award-winning smile that made a sudden rush flow through my body. I'm telling you...he's gorgeous. 

During the bus ride to school, I caught him stealing glances at me. It was adorable how he jumped when I caught him checking me out a little. I giggled. 

"Parker Heights!" grunted the driver loudly. That was me. The boy who kept looking at me got off too. I guess he was new to Parker Heights High. He wouldn't survive five minutes in this crazy school.

Kids doing drugs outside. Graffiti in the bathrooms. Horny and crappy students. Weird and awkward teachers. He won't survive the dictator...

Mr. Hitters. 

He was the toughest, most horrible principal in the whole school. I'm confused why "Pal" is even in the fucking title of work. He bans dancing because he thinks it's this horrible piece of shit that kids do. And that he can't do it. 

That's messed up, yo.

But whatever, I can deal with it. I think. I found the boy walking towards the school.

I went over to him and tapped on his shoulder.

He turned me when he felt my soft tap. Dude...he was hoooooooooot. Sorry, but he was. "Uhm...hi! I sorta noticed you at the bus stop and bus. Thanks for the twenty." I said, slightly blushing when the corner of his lips turned into a smile. 

I chewed on my bottom lip waiting his response. 

"No problem. You were good." he smirked, checking me out once more before turning to walk away. An eternal blush heated my body as I watched him walk away.



I was gathering my stuff for first period when my red-head friend Kaya. "Hey Sammy," she smiled brightly. "Hey." I hugged her. "So, did you see the new boy?" Kaya asked, with a big smirk plastered on her teenage face. 

Did she mean Twenty Dollars? 

I looked behind me to see him struggling to open his locker. "Yeah. I saw him this morning at the bus stop during my dancing rounds." I blushed. "He gave me twenty dollars when everybody was being cheap by giving me ones and fives. Some guy put a button but Tía Lola would appriciate it." 

Kaya laughed. 

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and we walked to our first class together. When we passed the guy's locker, I gave it a side kick and it opened. 

He gave me one last smirk, I winked. 

Eeek! Sammy gettin it on with Zayn....or "Twenty Dollar Guy" to her. Chachi Gonzales is Samantha "Sammy" Martinm, the protanagist (or if that's how you spell it!) Tell me what you think. Oh...sorry I don't have the cover up yet. It's being stupid to me. 

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