Dance For You

"I want you to teach me!" Zayn exclaimed shaking me.

"Me? Listen here, pretty boy. I don't teach dancing. I do dancing because I am dancing. I'm the best dancer on the Lower East Side here in Parker Heights. I don't understand why I need to teach you. Dancing comes from within!"

"So, you'll teach me?"

"Fine. I'll try to upgrade you." I sighed.


4. Built For This


It's Saturday. 

AKA my first day of school.

Sammy's school. 

I'm scared because I'll probably embarrass myself in front of her like I always do. So I got up early in the morning and took a quick shower. 

I got out and picked out what I was going to where. Honestly, I was going to be sweating so I dissed the skinnies. I dissed the school shirts like Sammy said and just picked out dark sweats, a white "Black Flag" tee and some Nikes. I let my hair in my usual messy quiff and sprayed some cologne. 

"Perfect." I mutter to myself.


I spotted Sammy sitting on the steps of La Villas. "Morning." I greeted, getting her full attention. Sammy whipped her head in my direction. "Good morning. Why are you late?"

"I went to go pick up some coffee. Don't worry, it's still very warm." I said. Sammy jogged over to me and took her coffee. She took a lady-like sip and yanked me so we could to the basme- I mean her studio. 

"Thanks for the coffee." 

"Anything for a pretty teacher." I smiled. She blushed, "Shut up. There will no kissing up to the teacher. Unless you wanna kiss the teacher..."

We stopped our tracks. She turned her head to me and we stared at each other for a while. Her pink lips telling me to lean closer but I didn't move a muscle. 

"J-just kidding." she said with a nervous smile. That stung. In my mind, I wasn't kidding. At all. 

We continued walking down the stairs till we reached the studio. She seemed quiet about the rest of the way there. "Ok! Take a seat, I'm going to lay down some laws, rules whatever you wanna call them,  just sit yo ass down!" 

I laughed and sat against the wall. 

"Alright! Welcome to Sammy's Dance School. No I am not a licensed dance teacher but who gives a fuck, I'm just giving you a few lessons. But let's just start with the history!" she started. Sammy started dance around, doing spins and grand jetes (Grand leaps). 

"Anyways...I am 19 years old and love to dance as you can see. I've been dancing since I was three years old by starting with a little ballet then I transitioned to hip-hop because it looked cool and I could do it a little better than ballet." Sammy smiled, doing a few break dancing moves. Impressive ones. 

"But enough of my dance history. I was born on January 23rd 1993 in Houston...birthplace of the big booty shaker Beyonce. I'm Hispanic if you did not notice."

"Oh I noticed, all right."

Sammy smirked at me and continued, "I am the youngest of all the siblings in my large Hispanic family of 7 people. Alright...anyways. The basic rules are don't be late, always try and never give up. Ok?"


"Alright let's do this!" Sammy exclaimed pulling me up. "Today, we're just going to find your strong point. What can you do?"

I winced before answering, "I guess I can do the worm with my arms." 

"Awesome! Show me!"

"Um..." I gulped before doing it. She applauded. That made me have a warm feeling in my stomach. "And I got it! You're a human worm!"

(TIME FOR SOME MONTAGE MUSIC! Built for This by my betch Becky G) 


We were training me to become the best human worm in Parker Heights and probably in New York. 

It was a success!

Best part was, she actually kept touching me. Touching my hands, my feet, my butt...

Sorry. Heh heh. I really like her.

"Do you wanna put those moves into a dance?" she asked. I nodded. She giggled and she pulled me to the center. I saw her and I standing pretty close to each other. I didn't budge a bit. 

Sammy and I started dancing. There was this awesome rush flowing through my body as we moved in sync. As we were nearing the end of our dance, I accidentally  bumped Sammy. She got knocked to the ground. I stopped to help her up. 


"It's fine. Another rule, if you mess up, it's fine. Just get back up. You were built for this!" 

I blushed and we tried again. 

Aww... Zaynie bumped into Sammy. It's ok. THANKYOUGUYSSOMUCHWITHTHE22(actually I liked the story first so 21)LIKERSOMFGYUSYUSYUSTHANKYOU

in a simpler way, thanks. :) 

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