Remember a Niall Fanfic

Hi I'm Liz me and Niall have been dating for 3 years now and recently found out I was pregnant. I'm 6 months pregnant and I can tell that Niall is not liking this relationship anymore so I choose to leave and not bother him anymore.


3. Niall P.O.V

I went home and Liz wasn't there. There was a note.

After I read it I was in tears look what I have done to the love of my life and my child. I need to find her. I called the boys

Louis= Lo





Z: Hey Niall vas happenin

N: Zayn Liz has run away what-

Z:Niall? Are you okay!?!

N: yea hey never mind I'll call you later

Z: k bye

N: bye

I hung up. Her phone I can track it and before we met her mother put a chip in her head. I'll call her mother.

Liz mom = M


N: hey Mrs.Polly

M: Hello Niall

N: yea erm well Liz sort of ran away she said I didn't love her but I do really.

M: I have her tracker now I'm trackin her........................... She's at Gellos hotel

N: ok I've got it from here that hotel is right down the street

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