Remember a Niall Fanfic

Hi I'm Liz me and Niall have been dating for 3 years now and recently found out I was pregnant. I'm 6 months pregnant and I can tell that Niall is not liking this relationship anymore so I choose to leave and not bother him anymore.


4. found her

I got to the hotel and went to the receptionist



R: How my I help you

N:what room is Elizabeth Polly in?

R: Room....... 999

N: ok thank you

I went in the elevator and went up to floor 9

And knocked on door and Liz answered the door



L: hi

N:why did you leave

L: because you don't love me

N: yes I do I love with every part in my heart

L: you don't show it

N:sorry I came cause I love you and I came cause I miss you and I came cause you are my world.

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