Hello To Goodbye (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Emalynn Rose is just a normal high schooler. And a big fan of One Direction. Until she finds out that her dad just got a job as the assistant for One Direction. Will she fangirl? Or will she act normal like they're just nothing.?,? Find out while reading '


2. Great.

*Emmalyn's P.O.V.*

*Vibration Noise*

I woke up to my iPhone going off, because i got a text message. I sat up, wiped my crusty, sleepy eyes, and seen who it was. It was my boss. Navaya.


Message From: Navaya:

Hey Em sorry to bother you, but We all just found

out that Jamie and the other workers can't make it

in today. So we need you to come in and work.

Be in by 10:00 Sorry :(

         ~Navaya xx

Great. This was suppose to be my 2 days off. I was suppose to be able to sleep in as late as i wanted, I was suppose to be able to go Hang out with my friends, I was suppose to be able to go shopping! But just my luck. It's Cancelled.


Message to: Navaya:

Ugh great..um OK i will be there.

Is there anyway i can get Monday

off since i have to work on one of my 'Days off'?

      ~Emmalynn <3

God am i praying that Navaya will be kind and considerate, and let me have Monday off. I waited and Waited and waited, which seemed like i was waiting for centuries. But then finally she answered.


Message From: Navaya:

Of coarse Em. I know its not fair for

me to take one of your days off so

im sure that I can figure something out.

And shouldn't you be getting ready? Em, its 9:30.

                   ~Navaya xx

Ah thank you Navaya!!  Oh crap! I need to get ready!! I ran to my closet and grabbed my uniform and ran to the bathroom. I hurried, hurried, and hurried. I got my uniform on and threw my hair in a messy bun. Hey i was in a hurry! After i was done getting dressed and doing my hair, i did my makeup as fast as i could. I threw on everything without making a smudge. That is talent!! I texted Navaya to tell her i was on my way. i ran downstairs, threw on my shoes and ran out the door. With my keys of coarse.  It was 9:50 and it take me about 10 minutes to get to Nando's.




10:00am. Just on time. I went to Navaya and said

"Hey Navaya. I'm here." I said kinda upsetting but she didnt notice.

"Oh good go serve the customer at the door please."

"Alright."  I replied.

I walked out of the kitchen to see who was at the door. Just my luck. It was my Ex Boyfriend.



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