Hello To Goodbye (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Emalynn Rose is just a normal high schooler. And a big fan of One Direction. Until she finds out that her dad just got a job as the assistant for One Direction. Will she fangirl? Or will she act normal like they're just nothing.?,? Find out while reading '


3. Am I?


I was more nervous than ever. I am sweating, and hyperventilating. I didnt know what to do. This has never happened before. 

"Em! Go greet that customer!" Ugh thats the least thing i wanted to hear right now. Well now is the time. But i just hope he dosnt remember me. We broke up 3 years ago.

"Hello im..Em, and i will be your waitress today what can i get you?" i asked him. Ugh!! I was so nervous!! But he replied without noticing it was me!...I hope...

"Hello i would like the Chicken salad with the- Emma?!? Is that you!?"OH GREAT!! he noticed...um what should i say.?!?!

"OH...um.. hey...Tyler...what can i get you?!" Ah crap...um..

"Well I could get your number again?! since your in town.maybe we could catch up on some things."

Really? thats what he wanted...well hes not getting that after he broke my heart into a million pieces.

"Um No way! Not in a million years!" Ha that ouda' show him!

"Oh come on babe! You know you want me back! So just gimmie your number and we will work this out!"

He said while grabbing my arm pulling me close. Just then I slapped him straight in the face and didnt regret it. But after i did, he stood up and started to back me up into a corner, and started to threaten me. Just like he did 3 years ago. Old memories that i will never miss.

"Listen here, you will always listen to me! if you ever obey me i swear i will-" He was cut off by a very familiar voice....It was Louis Tomlinson, And the rest of One Direction.


                                *AUTHORS NOTE**

Heyo everyone! sorry it was such a SHORT chpter. i just didnt know what to write in this chapter. Is is good?! i really hope you like it! Leave your comments below! like and favorite it! thanks!


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