Hello To Goodbye (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Emalynn Rose is just a normal high schooler. And a big fan of One Direction. Until she finds out that her dad just got a job as the assistant for One Direction. Will she fangirl? Or will she act normal like they're just nothing.?,? Find out while reading '


1. Nando's

*Emmalynn's P.O.V.


"Will that be it sir?" I asked the gentlemen at his booth. I hated working at Nando's 5 days a week Monday-Friday from 7:30am - 3:00pm. But it payed good so I work here. 

"Yes." The man replied.

"Alright  i will be back with your order soon." I went and put the order on the counter for the cook to look at. I turned back around and seen a group of 5 boys walk in looking devilishly Starving. I waited for them to take their seats, then walked up to them and spoke.

"Hello i'm Emmalyn, i will be your waitress today. What can i get you?" I could already tell that they would probably order the whole menu. But you never know! There were 3 brunettes, 1 blonde and 1 black haired. The blonde one with bright blue eyes started to speak.

"Um....erm...Can i have everything?" Wait a minute....It's One Direction!! How did it take so long for me to realize who it was? Anyway, Be cool Emma, Be cool.

"Um OK?" Then They Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn said at the same time.....

"Suprise me Love!" I cant believe I Emmalyn Rose was talking to One Direction!!

"I will be back soon! I left the chatty booth then went to the kitchen.

"Is order number 7 done?" I asked the cook. It was really hot in there. Because of all the cooking.

"Yes..but Jamie already got it." Jamie was the other waitress that worked at Nando's. She was a very nice lady.

"Alright. Here's order number 8." I said to the cook and gave him the order. Now all i had to do was wait!.!.!.

****10 minutes later***

"Order 8 is ready!!" i heard the cook yell really really loud. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed all the food. i needed to make 2 trips to carry it all! i walked over to One direction and sat their food down.

"Here you go boys." I said to them handing them their food individually. I was reallly happy because after this i got to leave.

" Thaanks Love!" they all said.

"Your verry welcome boys! Have a great day!" I went to my boss and said that i was leaving cause my shift was over then i said bye to the boys and left. I walked to my car, opened the door and stepped in. I put the keys in the slot and started the car. It was really cold. What do i expect? its The U.K.

  **skip the ride**

I pulled up to my flat and got out of the car. I walked up to the door, opened it and ran upstairs. I was Exhausted. I walked into my room, switched into my pajama's and jumped into my bed so happy that i got the next 2 days off!. I slowly shut my eyes...and fell asleep. 


                                                        *Authors note*

This is my first story on Movella's so i hope you like it and its my first chapter so i hope you like it! I will update as much as possible. Im very busy so...i will try my hardest!! Thanks!



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