Is it really you?

Cailey and Michael... On a destine journey to find who their mother is. Instead they don't find their mother just yet. These two come together to find their mothers. Do they have different mothers? Will they ever find their mother? Read and find out!


2. Michael: Richest People In Town

January 2nd 2017

Well, I just a message on my iPhone. It says we are going to Olive Garden tonight. Great! They usually tell me something bad when we go there! Fuck my life, I thought. Oh well like it matters.. I can just rub it in tons of peoples face cause no one can really afford to go there but my family cause we are the richest in this whole town. Ha I'm sure it sucks to be poor! But I would never know!

Well, as we are driving to Olive Garden, my mom said that the news she has for me is extremely bad. I wonder what all the hubba is about.

As the waitress came to our table, Johanna, our usual waitress said, "I'm guessing the usual, right?" Right as I am about to say yes, my mom hurries up and says, "No thank you, just water please." Okay, that must mean something is extremely out of place.

"Michael," says my mom, "we have gone bankrupt and decided we are no longer good for you. It turns out you should belong in the past of 1917. You have a fraternal twin named Cailey. We are sending you back and your mission is to find her," she pauses for a long moment, "and your birth mother."

I couldn't believe what was happening in my life! "A-am I a-adopted," I stuttered in shock.

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