Is it really you?

Cailey and Michael... On a destine journey to find who their mother is. Instead they don't find their mother just yet. These two come together to find their mothers. Do they have different mothers? Will they ever find their mother? Read and find out!


4. Michael: My fraternal twin

"It is grass, sister." I say.

She looked up at me so shocked. I just stood their stunned.

"Let's go to McDonalds and talk," I say, " It's on me."

Luckily, my adoptive parents gave me the rest of their money after they said they are going to go risk their life's for me. I wonder what that means. The money they left me was 1,000,000 dollars.

My sister, Cailey, all of a sudden got up and ran towards me.

Cailey started to touch my face then my chest and abs. I let her. The only reason I let her is because my adoptive parents told me she's never been out of the house or seen a boy. They also told me her parents are lesbians. I feel so bad for her. She's probably always dreamed of being kissed by a guy too. Before I know it she pulls me in and touches her soft untouched lips to my dry and cracked lips.

My adoptive parents also told me she's had no schooling. So she probably doesn't know what incest is. To be nice I kiss her back. What did I just do? Wow I'm stupid! Oh well.. Nobody here knows us.

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