Is it really you?

Cailey and Michael... On a destine journey to find who their mother is. Instead they don't find their mother just yet. These two come together to find their mothers. Do they have different mothers? Will they ever find their mother? Read and find out!


5. Cailey: Oh, you're my brother

After a while of kissing this stranger, who for some reason called me sister, he pushed me away. My cheeks began to grow very hot.

"As I said," he began to talk to me, "let's go to McDonalds and catch up. Oh and to start off I'm your brother, Michael."

"Oh," I say as my whole body grew with heat from embarrassment, "sorry about uh, ever kissing you. It's just that.."

He cut me off before I could answer,"yea I know you have never seen a guy. Anyway, I'm sure you know but if you don't I'm from the fu-"

"Yea the future I know. Come this way I'll take you to the nearest McDonalds. I've only been there once when I was 5 so hopefully I'm right," I say, being able to cut him off this time.

"Okay, sis!" He said with such excitement. I wonder why he was so excited.. Just to go to McDonalds.

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