Is it really you?

Cailey and Michael... On a destine journey to find who their mother is. Instead they don't find their mother just yet. These two come together to find their mothers. Do they have different mothers? Will they ever find their mother? Read and find out!


3. Cailey: Oh my God!

January 3rd 1917

Where is it! I ponder to myself with all kinds of tears strolling down my face. "I know I'm adopted I just know it but where are the STUPID PAPERS!" I yelled at myself as I rocked back and forth.

I start to did through everything again. All of these papers are typed until a come across one with cursive handwriting on it that looks like my mothers. It says:

"Dear Cailey, We have went away forever and knowing how curious you are we knew you would try to find adoption papers again. Yes you are adopted but as soon as you became ours we ripped up the papers so you wouldn't know. It was our goal to bring another homosexual to our society. Something has came up and we must go and die in order for you to live on. You have a brother. His name is Michael. Your true last name is Prior. Your brother is your fraternal twin. He lives in the future but is coming back to find his and yours birth mother. We wish you luck. Sincerely, your adopted parents"

Wow.. I just knew it! But why would they have to go die for me. I'm so confused.. Oh well I hated them anyway. I guess I'm going to go for it and exit out of that door.

Right as I step out I feel the nice soft green stuff. There are flowers everywhere. "I can't believe this," I yell, " I wonder what this green stuff is!" Before I get up I hear a guys voice. A guy! He said, "It's called grass, sister." But why did he call me sister?

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