Is it really you?

Cailey and Michael... On a destine journey to find who their mother is. Instead they don't find their mother just yet. These two come together to find their mothers. Do they have different mothers? Will they ever find their mother? Read and find out!


1. Cailey: Different from the Rest

Jan. 2nd 1917

My mothers are so mean! We don't even look alike. I have two mothers but not a dad like everyone else. That's why I can't go to actual school. My moms want me to be like them. They're scared that if I go to public, even private schools, that I'll be like them... Heterosexual. I always wanted to kiss a guy. That's another thing that made me so different. They seem like they hate me. I ask them a lot if I'm adopted but they get mad and slap me. They are pretty physical that's another reason I can't go out often.

Now that I'm 17 my moms are going on that romantic getaway they have been dying to go on. So I'm here all alone..

"Cailey," my mom/dad yelled up the stairs, "Mom is already in the cab! Everything you need is laid out! Love you bye!!"

"Bye," I muttered.

I heard her come up the stairs. I locked my door and put my chair up to it. She was coming up to hit me again. I had too many bruises as it is.. She banged against the door yelling at me to let her in. I screamed and cried for help. Of course, no one comes cause they are scared to go by a homosexual. Ugh! I hate my life.. "What the fuck ever you little dick! Ha your just like your dad," she said and I watched the cab pull away. Finally! A whole month without them!

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