Hogwarts: a Poetry

This is a great collection of great Hogwarts poetry, all original, some from me and some from you, who i will cite. There will also be a collection of favorite character quotes :)


9. Lily Macy: Sorting

She walked into the big Great Hall

To find out she is a hat stall

Ten minutes, sixteen seconds

GRYFFINDOR! The hat reckons

She wanted to be a Ravenaclaw

When she didn't know she'd break the law

She's now happy, in her house

And has a lion on her blouse


~Lily Macy (Pen name)

Inspired by:  Lily Macy (Character) and Kendra_Smith (Pen name)

For a story about Lily in her 6th year, please see this story: Home is Where Hogwarts is

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