Hogwarts: a Poetry

This is a great collection of great Hogwarts poetry, all original, some from me and some from you, who i will cite. There will also be a collection of favorite character quotes :)


8. Kendra Smith

In Gryffindor there's Kendra Smith

Lily and Harry she is with

She got five O's two E's two A's

No P's or D's or T's hooray! 

She loves to stargaze every night

She breaks curfew but that's alright

Lily is her great best friend

And they'll help each other till the end


~Lily Macy (Pen name)

Inspired by: Kendra Smith (character) and Kendra_Smith (Pen name)


For a story about Kendra Smith, visit this story: Home is Where Hogwarts is




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