The Roommate.


1. Part 1

Louis needed a new roomate. His last roomate Niall had to go back to Ireland to look after his Mother who was really ill. He had wanted to live alone after his roomate left but he could not afford the rent so he had put out advertisements all over the place and only 3 people replied. He had already met two of them and Louis wasn't so keen. The first chap was a guy callled Liam. He was nice and had some cool comic books but he was a bit cheesy. He kept telling all these Jokes that Louis didn't understand but he laughed anyway out of politeness. And the second guy was a lad called Zayn. He didn't really talk much he just kind of grunted. He had tattoos all over his body, Piercings covering his ears and black eyeliner underneath his eyes. Louis thought this guy would kill him in his sleep So he had rejected This guy aswell as the other. The last guy 'Harry' his name was was due any minute now to come and view the apartment But Harry didn't turn up at 4 as expected. Louis waited and waited for Harry to show and it wasn't until 5.30 that there was a knock at the door. Louis jumped up in a pissed off mood ready to answer the door with rage and fuery. But when he opened the door he froze at the sight in front of him. Their was a a man no older than 20 standing there with Emerald Green eyes, Curls all over his scalp, Skinny Jeans showing his package and a Tight T-Shirt showing the outline of his perfectly toned stomach. Louis was lost for words. The pause was long until Harry broke the silence with 'Are you gonna invite me in then'. Louis broke away from his lust and steped aside so Harry could enter the apartment. Harry stepped inside.
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