My life as a Geeky Nerd: Better than Sherlock Holmes

Book 1 in the series, My Life as a Geeky Nerd.
Clara Brown is the typical nerd/geek. She's an expert in her fandoms, she writes on movellas and she's the one you came count on to put her hand up in class. However, when she comes home one day and looks in her geek box, nothing will be the same ever again!
The Sherlock storyline and characters are from the BBC series Sherlock and the Young Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane. All extra characters and plotlines are assossiated with Louise McBear.


8. Chapter 6 - Suspicious Allies?

A/N: Look, a chapter! It's a miracle!!! Sorry, I am flipping terrible at update and honestly have no idea where I'm going with some of my writing. But, keep writing!

Clara (Penelope)'s POV

After a while, John's still not understanding my lectures, so i decide to strike up conversation. "So, have you proposed to Mary yet?" I ask, curious. They never actually mention the real proposal in the show, so I am curious to see how it actually happens. A few days after I arrived here, I checked my laptop to see that it still has movellas on, as well as the BBC website. So, I got out my headphones and, went on iPlayer, to find that the other two episodes were out. Now I can play my part properly, with the knowledge that Sherlock will obtain within the next year.

 Bringing me back to earth, John says, "No, but I am trying to come up with something. You know, to make it more memorable." I frown at this. What's the point in trying to surprise her now? "Why don't you just give her the ring and say your original attempt was the proper proposal. After all, what is more memorable than finding out your best friend is alive, after deeming him dead for two years?"   John laughs at this, albeit slightly confused. I'm not sure why, but oh well.

Sherlock's POV

I was analysing something most likely pointless, when John comes up to me. "We need to talk." He says, looking me straight in the eye. I can tell by the slight shake of his hands and other gestures that he obviously deems what he wants to talk about important. I sigh and put down the object and prepare to listen to something utterly unimportant. It almost always is. "Look, I know that I brushed   off your suspicions about Penelope," I suddenly begin to listen properly after hearing the name, "but, I think she might be more than I thought her to be. I mean, she knows too much, not just normally, but about us. It's kind of weird." 

From what I was hearing, I was right and John's only just admitting it. " Well, I'm glad that we're on the same page," I say, "but, what do you want to do about it? We can't just go up to her and ask if she's hiding anything. Unless, you want to let me allow you to follow her for the next few months? Of course, your fiancé wouldn't be very happy..." I was being sarcastic, but it was funny seeing John's expression at the suggestion.

"Sherlock! I wasn't suggesting following a teenage girl around, what do you take me for?! I was merely suggesting keeping an eye on her. You know, all that 'keep your friends close and enemies closer' stuff." I frowned at this; normally we only have to follow suspicious people on twitter, for this sort of stuff. I sighed in the end.

"Very well, then. I suppose i can get my homeless network to stay on watch, but can you please act normal? We need to get on with the case and we cannot do that if everyone's refusing to even act civil towards one another." John nodded at that, before walking away and leaving me to analyse my piece of rock.

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