My life as a Geeky Nerd: Better than Sherlock Holmes

Book 1 in the series, My Life as a Geeky Nerd.
Clara Brown is the typical nerd/geek. She's an expert in her fandoms, she writes on movellas and she's the one you came count on to put her hand up in class. However, when she comes home one day and looks in her geek box, nothing will be the same ever again!
The Sherlock storyline and characters are from the BBC series Sherlock and the Young Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane. All extra characters and plotlines are assossiated with Louise McBear.


3. Chapter 2 - I'm where?

When I woke up, I wasn't in my room. Instead, I was in a slightly smaller room, in a bed with tardis blue bedding. Beside me was a table with a modern digital clock and my Doctor Who 50th anniversary calendar from 2013. I'd always put off taking it off the wall, but now it seemed that I had. I was confused, but the thing that did i for me was the alarm that went off beside me. I recognised the voice immediately; it was the Great Dragon (John Hurt) saying "Merlin... Merlin... MERLIN!!!" I jumped at the last one and quickly turned it off. Shaking my head, trying to wake up, I found that questions suddenly flowed through my mind; none of them sent a pain through my heart, however, than 'will I be able to get home again'.

This made me shout, to see who would come running. It was a man dressed in what looked like a soldier uniform, who stopped at the door and said, "Is everything all right Miss Swan? I heard your surprisingly loud shouts." I gave him my signature death glare (oh yeah, I've got one - jealous, aren't you?) before asking a series of questions, including a fair amount of swear words, before finishing and glaring expectantly. 

The man gave an apprehensive look, before explaining, "You must of smelt the side effects of Doctor Smith's last experiment, so I'll explain to you the situation: You're name is Penelope Guinevere Swan, you're 13 and you were enlisted to help the Government, as their secret weapon. You're basically a child genius, due to the fact you can analyse a person and quickly find out a series of facts about them. Like Sherlock Holmes, I suppose. Anyway, you have a busy, busy day ahead of you, though we may need to run a few tests to see how you are. I'll just get you your box and you can get ready."

After saying this, he quickly left. I understand some of the facts. Penelope Guinevere Swan is my pen name on Movellas, as it uses 3 of my favourite fandoms: Penelope Clearwater (Harry Potter), Guinevere or Gwen Pendragon (Merlin) and Emma Swan (OUAT). I got out of bed before almost tripping over my Geek box. Why was that there? I decided to not worry about it for now and just got out my fez, Ravenclaw scarf (which I put on like Sherlock) and Merlin t-shirt. Over the top I just wore my blue hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and put my hair in a messy bun.

I looked in the mirror, before running out of the door.The amount of twists, turns and corridors made me feel like I was in the BBC, just running up and down one area. I just kept running until I bumped into someone. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking whe-." I stopped myself short when I looked up to see who it was. "Bloody hell..."


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