Through the Dark

Selena has a hard life at home and she gets bullied in school. Her five personal nightmares, called Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry, do everything to ruin her life. But what happens when one of them reaches out his hand to help her? Is this all a trick to push her more down or will her life change in a good way?


2. Loserlove

I sighed and then told him about the incident before my biology class.

"... And then he gave me my glasses and apologized," I said and he looked at me with wide eyes.

"Niall. James. Apologies.," he said, and then gave a short laugh. "Are you sure? Or did you perhaps interrogated?"

"I'm sure and I can't believe it. It also makes no sense at all. Why should he apologize now?," I asked him and offered him the thoughts, which were running trough my head since that moment.

"Maybe he's really sorry," Josh said and looked at me.

"Sure," I said softly, then a little louder "Probably this is just a new idea to pull me down."

"Maybe," he said. "But why is he staring at you then at all the time?"

I looked at him a little surprised, then looked carefully to Niall. And indeed. When he saw me looking, we both turned quickly away and I looked at Josh.

"Maybe he thinks about his new idea. Or he just looks out the window," I said, looking out. It was raining lightly, the wind did shake the branches and I wasn't really looking forward to my way home.

Josh said nothing more, he just ate my burger. After a while I told him about Ms. Stewart's idea and we both laughed when he said "In your course are actually people who are good in biology?"

He had deselected the subject last year and one of my biggest Mistakes was not to do the same. Instead I had deselected physics, in which Josh was bad and I could help him now. The school bell rang and I couldn't believe that the break was over. 

"Only English and math," he tried to make me feel better and I looked at him dully.

"Yey," I strechted the word and he laughed.

Together we wore away my tray and just as I wanted to tell him something, someone pushed me from behind. I flew directly into Josh's arms and then turned around.

Alyson. Of course.

Alyson was once my best friend. Generally, we four were best friends, Alyson, Josh, Niall and me. But when we got to the high school she was changing. Initially, she called me less and less, until I heard nothing more from her. Then she started to spread rumors about Josh and me and after she turned in a Barbie look-a-like she started dating Harry and incited Zayn's entire Gang to bully Josh and me.

Alyson is now cheerleading captain and in a relationship with Niall for almost two months. She seemed to be happier than ever and for people who are interested in such things, the two were the dream couple of the school.

"Awwwww, how sweet. Loserlove!," she said and smiled at us evily, while her new best friends began to laugh.

Alyson, Perrie, Eleanor and Sophia were the perfect counterpart to Zayn's Gang. While Alyson was with Niall, Zayn and Perrie, Eleanor and Louis and Sophia and Liam were a couple. And after all it also fit really well, they were all together terrible persons who could find fun only if it offended other people.

"Get a room!," Sophia laughed and then they all started to laugh, while they disappeared in the hallway of the school.

You could almost watch the guys twisting their necks just to catch a glimpse of them.

"Just forget them," said Josh and I shook my head.

"We both know very well that this isn't so simple. In such moments, I hate my life," I said and Josh stroked my arm comfortingly.

"If I'd feel differently," he said, and we looked briefly into our eyes before we were on our way to class.


After the last hours were over, we went to Josh's car.

Josh's family had money, it wasn't also so that Josh was ugly or had any quirks, so I had to think long sometimes, why he was also bullied... until I remembered that I was the reason. And I felt so terribly sorry.

We got into his car and strapped us. When he drove off he asked me "Do you want to go in the city or do you want directly home?"

This question was by now tradition. He asked me again and again, but my answer remained the same. 

"Directly home," I said and he smiled at me briefly before turning his gaze back to the road.

I turned on the radio; an old song ran and quietly swung the tune through Josh's car.

I looked at him from the side. He gritted his teeth, which he always did when he concentrated. His eyes were fixed on the road and his perfume hung in the car. At a stoplight, we stopped and he looked over at me. When he noticed me looking at him, he winced and then laughed.

"Since when do you watch me?," he asked and smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders and said "For a while..."

We laughed and his brown eyes sparkled.

"Just this year... and then we are free," he said and stroked my hair out of my face.

I nodded, looked forward and repeated his words. The light turned green and we drove on.

A short time later we arrived at the little house of my mother and he stopped at the roadside. I slowly unbuckled me, but didn't get out.

"I don't want to go in there," I said quietly, staring out the window at the house, which was my personal cage, and then looked at Josh.

"You know that my house is always open to you," he said and added "You can stay with me whenever you want and as long as you want at any time. That's no problem."

I smiled gratefully at him and nodded before I leaned to him and he locked me in his arms.

"Thank you, Josh," I said against his chest and he stroked me my hair.

"You know very well that I would do anything for you," he said softly, and I nodded as best as I could.

Then I sat up, put a hand on the lever that would open the door and said, "You are my hero."

We smiled at each other and I got out. I waved at him for a long time afterwards, before I walked slowly to the front door and rang. 

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