Through the Dark

Selena has a hard life at home and she gets bullied in school. Her five personal nightmares, called Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry, do everything to ruin her life. But what happens when one of them reaches out his hand to help her? Is this all a trick to push her more down or will her life change in a good way?


4. Dreams And Reality

"Come on, Niall," I said, laughing, and he grinned at me.

Then he closed his locker and held a variety of clothes in front of him and asked "So, tell me. What should I wear?" 

I rolled my eyes and finally pointed to the gray sweater with blue lettering, which emphasized his eyes. Then I turned around so he could get dressed in peace. When he stopped to my eyes from behind, I began to grin and he kissed me on the cheek.

"Can I go like this?," he asked and I turned back to face him. He walked a few steps back and spread his arms so he could present himself in a good way.

"Like a young God," I said, and showed him a thumbs-up.

He laughed and took a deep breath. "Great, then I can go finally," he said, grabbing his jacket and took the first few steps towards the door.

"Niall, wait," I said and he turned around once more. I went up to him and said, "Your lips are much too rough."

He grinned waiting and I drove first on the upper lip and finally on the lower lip with a lip balm pen.

He pressed his mouth and remarked, after a moment to think, "You have put too much on me."

Then he leaned down to me and brushed his lips over mine. My heart skipped a beat and I could only stare him in his eyes.

Then he leaned back and said "Wish me luck!"

He left the room with a grin and I could only stare at his back.


My alarm clock blared and I woke up. I stretched out my hand for it and hit long until it stopped. Since when was I dreaming such crap?!

A week had passed; everything was as usual in school, which meant that it was pure hell. However, Zayn's Gang had held their selves back, which not only surprised Josh and me. Niall hadn't occurred to me this time.

Slowly I got up, showered and dressed. Then I started to make breakfast and woke my siblings. Since Mom didn't work, she got up later.

At exactly the same time as always, Josh picked me up in front of our house. After I had got into his car, he held out his arms, so we hugged first. Then we drove slowly to school and listened to soft music. In the parking lot of the school we parted shortly after the first ring and I ran with my head down to my chemistry course.

There, I retreated to my seat in the farthest corner near the window. The entire lessons I was trying not to stand out and scribbled random pattern in my block.

Our teacher didn't care, if I was there or not, since I anyway never involved; he had given me up long ago.

Once again landed crumpled piece of paper in my lap or on my desk. I threw it carelessly behind me; for ages I had not read any more, it was always the same.

"Go die", "Why are you still here?", "Not even makeup could help you", "Stupid bitch" were the most popular. Also, if I didn't read it, of course it hurt anyway. And yeah, of course they were right. God, I couldn't wait until Josh and I were finally out of this awful place. 

After it was finally over, I shuffled through the hallway to my locker to stow my chemistry book. Surprisingly, Josh leaned against my locker and only began to smile when he saw me.

"What are you doing here?," I asked him with a grin and he shrugged his shoulders as he gave the locker free.

"Physics was so cruel that I had to see you," he said and I nodded.

I entered my number combination and stuffed my book in it. "Chemistry isn't better, believe me," I said and he just laughed.

But suddenly he stopped laughing and someone behind me said, "You're not better."

I closed my locker and turned around, only to see Zayn's Gang with arms folded. Niall was not there.

Zayn rolled his eyes and looked at Louis. "I told you to stop your fucking comments," he said pointedly and then looked back at us.

"What do you want?," Josh asked and moved protectively closer to me.

"We want," said Zayn and looked at us coldly, "that you cease to disturb all with your presence."

I gasped and Josh asked only "What will you do about it? Kill us?"

He also crossed his arms, while Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn started to grin stupidly.

Liam said "Unfortunately that is illegal, so we do the next best thing."

Zayn nodded and together they walked towards Josh, grabbed him and dragged him out of the building.

"Let him down!," I yelled, kicking and punching them, but they didn't care in the slightest about my attempts. Josh also struggled, but against the four he couldn't do anything.

Students ran past us, laughing, concentrating on their stuff or wished the guys a lot of fun. Not one came to help.

Outside Harry kicked a garbage can and the remaining guys stuffed Josh then into them. Together they set it again up and closed the lid over it. Liam stepped back a few steps and tensed his muscles to pick up a stone and put it on the cover.

"You can't do this!," I yelled and tried to move the stone, but I was too weak.

The boys began to laugh and Zayn looked at me with pure hatred.

"Now to you, Selala" he said, saying my nickname with a disgusted voice and approached me with his friends.

I screamed and took a step back, but since my back had already met on the cold wall of the building. Josh pounded against the walls of the dumpster and insulted the guys with all sorts of words. Fear mingled in my body with adrenaline and my thoughts snap. Louis cracked his knuckles and they slowly isolated me.

"Stay away!," I wanted to say loud, but I could only whisper the words. Protective I raised my arms over my head, closed my eyes and held my breath.

"Leave her alone!," someone suddenly said and my heart skipped a beat.

At first I thought Josh could free himself, but when I looked up, even Zayn's Gang had turned surprised. We all stared at the person who had said these words.

It was not a teacher, it was not Josh, it was  as it could have been different  Niall.

"What's the matter with you?," Harry asked, staring blankly at Niall.

"You don't fancy her, do you?," laughed Liam.

Niall's expression didn't change in the slightest.

"Just stay away from her," he said coldly.

Zayn started to grin and lowered his hands. "All right, lads. Obviously Nialler has his own plans. Let's let him have some fun," he said and Niall nodded.

The boys went away, but Louis turned at the last moment again and said, "Don't worry, I'll get you anyway."

Then he began to grin and was the last that entered the building.

Niall watched them for a moment, before turning back to me. Slowly, he came up to me and I slid down the wall.

"Please don't," I pleaded, tears gathered in my eyes.

Suddenly his eyes changed and he leaned down to me. I winced as he stretched out an arm and he stopped his movement. 

"I don't want to hurt you," he said and looked at me with an unhappy look. I looked at him doubtfully and he offered his hands on me.

"Let me help you," he said, but I got up slowly without paying attention to him.

"Okay, then don't," he said and stood up with me.

Suddenly there was a crash away from us and we startled us. Then we watched the garbage and Josh's voice came softly.

"So if she doesn't need your help, then you could possibly help me," it came out of the garbage can and Niall stared at it.

"Um, sure," he said, looking confused to me and back to the trash can before he walked towards it.

He put his hands around the stone, tensed his muscles, wheezed, lifted the stone from the lid and dropped it next to it. Then he replaced the lid of the barrel, held wide-eyed his hands into it and helped Josh out.

As his feet touched the ground, he sighed in relief and stretched first, before he rushed worried to me.

"Is everything okay?," he asked and hugged me. I hugged him tightly to me and stifled my tears.

"They haven't done anything to me," I said, and dealt his question, which he noticed, of course.

However, before he could say anything, we let go of each other and I asked him "What about you? Everything still there?"

"I probably only get a few bruises. Don't worry," he said, and smiled slightly.

"I'm so sorry, really," Niall said and we both winced. Josh turned to him and shook his head in disgust.

"I don't understand how you can be this way. What have we ever done to you than to breathe? I'm so sorry, but I'll finish the school year and then I'm gone. Then you'll never have to see me again!"

It rang and Josh grabbed my hand.

"Let's go," he said, and together we entered the building.

I turned around again as we walked through the door, and saw how we left Niall behind, as it slowly began to rain.


"As announced, I'm going to divide you into groups. I have placed you together so that you can help each other. The weakening of the one are the strengths of the other," Ms. Stewart said.

"And what if you have no weaknesses?," Louis interrupted with his "charm".

I rolled my eyes and sighed, while Ms. Stewart laughed and let it uncommented.

"The first pair is... Gina and Christopher," she read out and gave them the sheet with their theme. Then she said other names, but mine wasn't mentioned.

"Louis and..."

I listened up.

"Please, please, please, not me. Please, God!" I pleaded and narrowed my eyes.

I could already hear her say my name, but then she said "...Hannah."

I breathed a sigh of relief and she read out the next name. 

Finally, she came at my table and said, "Selena and..."

In my head I went through all the classmates, but I didn't know who else was missing.

"...Niall," she said finally and put pages in front of me. I tensed and my hands closed into fists.

"This is your chance, use it well!," she whispered just before she interrupted the laughter of the class.

The entire lesson long I could only stare at the table in front of me.

That couldn't be true. I must be dreaming. I must be still dreaming, this could be the only explanation.

I tweaked myself in my arm and took a deep breath, but I was awake. I felt the pain. No. No!

"After all, not Louis" whispered a little voice in my head, but I was wiser.

Niall was not better. He was one of them.

When the lesson was finally over I went directly to the teacher's desk.

"Ms. Stewart, I need to have another partner. I'll work on the task alone, if I have to, but not with him, please," I begged, but she shook her head.

"Selena. You fit perfectly together, really. You'll work it out, I'm sure," she said and winked at me while I just nodded.


When I turned around, Niall was waiting at the door. I ran past him and he followed me.

"It's best to begin directly today, okay?," he said and I nodded.

"Cool. How many lessons do you have? I only have English and one hour Spanish left. We could go right after school to my house. Unless you want us to do that at yours, I know now where you live." He laughed. "Well, your decision. So what do you say?"

God, he talked a lot.

"Uh," I said confused. "English and math, but we do it best at yours. Give me your address, okay?"

We reached the cafeteria. Already on the way I've noticed, that all the students were staring at us. As we entered the cafeteria, it was silent. A cough here, a nervous giggle there. As if they were wondering what was suddenly wrong with him. Whether he was crazy or something. And most would like to push me out of the way so they could run alongside this superstar.

He grinned at me and nodded.

"I'll give it to you, let me jus get my bag off," he said and our ways parted.

I went directly, without looking at the table at which he was now, to Josh's and mine. As always, Josh wasn't there yet.

The talks slowly came back into running, but they still stared at me. I put my bag down, took out my wallet and ran to the food bank.

With my tablet in my hands, I went to my place and almost stumbled when I saw that Niall was already waiting for me. Again.

When I sat down he grinned widely at me and handed the slip of paper with his address.

"Just be there," he said, then raised his eyebrows together. "But I can pick you up too, that wouldn't bother me. Or are your parents driving you?"

"I'll drive her," a voice said behind him and I saw Josh standing there, also with a tray in his hands.

Niall turned briefly to face him, grinned and then looked back at me. Josh gave me the what-is-going-on-look, but I looked back to Niall.

"Awesome," Niall twiddled again. "Until then, you will certainly be hungry again, because that can't be enough," he said and pointed at my tray. "We can eat together and then we'll start directly with the task, okay?"

I nodded and he got up to make Josh space.

"Great. See you, Selena," he said, smiled at me one last time and left.

Josh stared at me blankly and I still just shook my head.

"I have no idea what that was," I said, looking at the paper in my hands.

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