The Carousel

15 year old Lucy thinks she's insane and so does everyone else. At some points in her life she wakes up and she has missed a number of years of her life and all the memories and moments. Through her journey of trying to achieve normality she finds things that she has never known about her friends and family. Who knows maybe she isn't crazy after all? What has the carousel got do with anything?


3. Some Loser

Tonight I dreamt only of the carousel. As a normal teenager living a normal life, I would have dreamt of James and his lips. However, I am not a normal teen and James barely acknowledges I exist. Barely. He knows my name and that I am an insane teen. That is all he knows.

I look at my digital clock and see that it is only 2: 00 am. No matter how shaken I feel I have to go to school. On the up side, I will see Lindy and I can tell her that I went back through regeneration. Not that she’ll believe me, but at least she listens.

I realise that there is no point going back to sleep so I shrug off my duvet and grab my jeans and a t-shirt from the wardrobe, put on my fleece-lined coat and lace up boots. I tiptoe down the stairs, avoiding all the creaky spots on the floorboards and slide down the banister slowly knowing that the stairs creak like hell. I grab the note and bin it- rewrite one saying that I have gone to school early, grab my school bag and shut the door with the keys jingling in my pockets like silver chime bells. Now that the morning light has seeped in I can see the garden clearly. The sky is the kind of grey that makes you want to curl up in a ball and sob. But I don’t because I have to go to see Lindy. Anyhow I can always sob there.

The road is empty with no cars or people. The lamp-posts shine dimly on me and I can see Lindy’s house at the end of the road. Its covered in ivy, growing onto the windows. We call it a Witch House , even though inside it looks like and Ikea home. Not cheapy and easy to assemble but organised and pretty much perfect. Even her room belongs in a magazine. I can barely wade through my room. I feel kind of jealous of Lindy. She has everything I have ever wanted. She can date any guy, go anywhere, pass any test, do anything, say anything  whilst I can barely open my mouth and have a now  non-existent boyfriend. 

I knock on the door in the password pattern but it’s not Lindy who answers but her room.

‘Ms Delilah! I am so sorry for calling so early!’ I say even though I know that they will both still be up talking, gossiping and reading like they always do. They pretty much pull all-nighters every day. I haven’t necessarily talked to Lindy’s mum before but I am pretty much she knows me. Lindy and I spend all our time together.

‘Umm.. You are Lindy’s friend right? Let me call her.’

‘She isn’t asleep is she?’


I sigh, at least one thing hasn’t changed.

‘Hi can I help?’ Lindy appears in the doorway wearing her favourite pjs. We bought them together at the David and Goliath and they are all black with shining stars. I run to hug her tight but she backs away.

‘Sorry do I know you?’

‘Oh haha Lindy, very funny it’s Lucy! Your B-E-S-T-F-R-I-E-N-D. Bestfriend!’

Lindy is so stupid seriously. One day she smeared jam on her cheek and kept it on the whole day, ignoring the many people who commented on it, rubbing the other cheek as if she was oblivious.

The look on her face is of pure confusion but I am not convinced.

‘Yeah, yeah. Act all confused!’ I laugh. Seriously she is hilarious.

But then she shouts and pushes me backwards, before slamming the door in my face.

‘Who was that?’ I hear from inside.

‘Some loser.’ Lindy replies and I see their shadows join on the sofa in front of the blaring TV.

I can’t help but feel hurt even though I am certain that this is some kind of joke that has backfired. One day she completely ignored me for the whole day but she came around at school when we had to be partners. I wanted to kill her. I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to tell her about my regeneration.

Walking back, isn’t anywhere near as fun, especially with no friend beside me.

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