I have one friend, he lives inside me bursting every moment to be freed.


2. Back to Hell


★   ★    ★    ★


I grabbed my old rucksack of the counter and stepped into the frozen gloom that is a Great British morning. After 10 minutes of waiting at the bus stop Mark’s old blue Volvo finally pulled up. “Good Morning Sunshine” I said mockingly as I got in. “ You can always get the bus” he mumbled as we pulled away from Lakeview Heights. “You should be smiling on the first day of your last year Marcellus” I said as I changed the radio channel. In the 6 years I’d know Marcellus or ‘Mark’ as everyone called him he hadn’t changed . He couldn’t function  unless he had enough caffeine to last him till 5th period. “So anything interesting happen since we last conversed" I asked. 

" Do Xbox achievements count?", he joked taking a sip of coffee. I personally hate the stuff, I think of the drink like cigarettes addicting and in my opinion disgusting, basically i'm the only teenager in history who isn't excited by the word 'Starbucks'

We pulled up at the grey hell that was Easton High School

"You ready?", Mark asked

"Nope" I grinned, we'd asked each other this question ever since our first year. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car and knew immediately that it was a mistake. Everyone was staring. We were what society like to label 'Emo' because apparently having black hair, unusual names and Pierce the Veil t-shirts was just a sin against humanity. "Yes the freaks are back, you may now continue with your meaningless lives" I muttered to Mark who started laughing as we walked through the old doors in search of our rooms


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