Catch My Breath<3

[Read Something Great<3 first!] Zoey has been keeping her mind off of things with party after party. How long can she keep up the act? How long can she fight back her feelings? The real question is who will win her heart? Will it be the curly Romeo? Will it be the blonde muse? Or will it be the mysterious tattoos? Who will steal her heart and who will get hurt along the way? Read and find out.


13. Truth.

Zoey's POV:

When I got home I found Patience balled up on the couch crying. I walked over to her and she automatically jumped up hugging me. 

"What's wrong Patti?" I asked rubbing her back.

"My ex boyfriend Tony showed up here out of nowhere and Liam answered the door." She cried "I didn't even get the time to explain because when I came out Tony had already told Liam that we were still an item. He left with anger in his eyes. He hates me!" 

"I don't think he hates you. I think Liam might just be hurt. Tomorrow well meet up with him and set him straight." I reassured her. 

She fell asleep laying on my lap. When we woke up it was around noon. Patience was already dressed, I think she really wanted to talk to Liam. After I took a shower and changed into fresh clothes we headed out. I texted Harry asking him to get all the guys at the beach. On the way to the beach we ran into Alexy. She was in a bikini top and shorts. 

"Hey guys." She waved at us.

"Hey Lexy." I said.

"Wanna come to the beach with us?" Patience asked.

"Sure I have nothing better to do." She smiled. 

When we arrived at the beach I looked around until I spotted the guys. Mansi was even here, which isn't surprising. Niall was the first one to spot us.

"Hey!" He waved us over. 

Patience started to get nervous. Liam was sitting down on a beach towel reading. She walked over to him and sat down. I could see exactly how nervous she was. Then I felt someone yank on my arm. I spun around to see Louis. 

"Haven't seen you in awhile." He smiled. "Do I get a hug?" 

I nodded and hugged him tightly. I looked around and noticed Zayn wasn't here. I felt a bit disappointed. I took my necklace in my hand and thought for a few seconds. I told everyone I was going to be right back and went to the lighthouse. I unlocked the door and walked up the stairs to find Zayn sleeping on the blanket. I smiled and sat down next to him. He must have felt movement because he woke up. He blinked a few times until his eyes widened.

"I must be dreaming. If so don't wake me up." He moaned. 

I laughed a bit and shook my head. He sat up and stared at me. 

"Come join the fun." I said pointing out the window towards the beach. "Everyone is there." 

He shrugged and smiled at me while I grabbed his arm pulling him along. When we got back to the others I felt stares coming from Harry and Niall. They weren't directed towards me though. I let go of Zayn and walked over to Patience. Liam wasn't around. 

"How did it go?" I asked.

"He believed me." She smiled.

"That's good." I smiled.

She looked over my shoulder and smiled then looked back at me. I turned around to see Harry smiling towards us. Was I missing something? 

"Harry likes you." Patience smiled cheekily. 

"What? No he doesn't..." I muttered.

"Yes he does! He told me when you left!" She reassured.

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