Catch My Breath<3

[Read Something Great<3 first!] Zoey has been keeping her mind off of things with party after party. How long can she keep up the act? How long can she fight back her feelings? The real question is who will win her heart? Will it be the curly Romeo? Will it be the blonde muse? Or will it be the mysterious tattoos? Who will steal her heart and who will get hurt along the way? Read and find out.


5. Feelings?

Zoey's POV:

I stared at the plain white ceiling as the rain poured down. I couldn't fall asleep because thoughts wouldn't leave my mind. Most of them were about Niall saying he liked me. I sighed and decided to get up and eat some ice cream. I sat on the counter and only stared at the bowl. I didn't even feel like drowning myself in the ice cream. I heard someone knocking at the door so I softly said "Come in." Mostly because I didn't want to wake up Patience. Then all of a sudden I felt two arms on each of my sides and my bowl was out of my hands. I was spun around to see a soaking wet Zayn. He had a cut on his right cheek and it was bleeding. I gently placed my hand over it and I heard him softly groaned so I guessed it hurt. I tried to move it away but he placed his hand over mine which stopped me. He looked straight into my eyes and I couldn't figure out what he was feeling. Why did that drive me crazy? Why did I want to know what he felt?! All of a sudden thunder struck. I jumped in fright right into his arms. With my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his waist all he did was wrap his arms around me holding me up. He carried me to my bedroom and as he laid me down on my bed he kissed my cheek.


The sun seemed to be beaming extra hard today and for some reason it bothered me. I woke up and noticed Patience was digging through my closet. I coughed to get her attention but instead it ended up scaring her half to death. I couldn't help myself but laugh at her. She glared at me for a few seconds then started smiling.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Looking for something to wear." She mumbled.

"For what?"

"A date." Her face went red.

"With Mr.Payne?" I smirked as her face just went redder.

She turned her back towards me and kept digging through my closet then she sat back with a box in her hands. My eyes lite up because I forget about that box. 

"What's this?" She asked.

"Bring it here and I'll show you." I said.

"Okay." She said jumping up and coming over to me.

As she sat down I opened the box and pulled out pictures with other things. I had taken a picture with the boys the first month I met them. There's one with Harry and Louis making silly faces while I was laughing. Then there's one where Louis is trying to make a smile on my face. I pulled out another where Niall is drawing on Liam's face while he's sleeping. I started giggling and so did Patience. I forgot about these days. They were the best days of my life. 


The sun beamed in my eyes causing me to groan. I put my sunglasses on while I decided to take a walk around the new neighborhood. It was exciting. It was the first time I was away from my family. I made sure to pick the start that was far away too. I looked up at the big oak tree standing in the middle of the park. I climbed up the tree and took in the beautiful sight. Then I heard cracking and the next thing I knew I was falling. I fell right on top of a laying boy. My face was inches away from his. His hands were on my hips while he looked at me with his confused green eyes. 

"I'm so sorry!" I said jumping up and off of him. He sat up and smiled rather cheekily at me. As he stood him he whipped the dirt off his pants. He was so cute. 

"Hazza!" I heard someone yelled from the ice cream cart. He had a very strong British accent. I turned around to see a male running towards us with two cones in his hands. He had messy perfect hair and beautiful bright blue eyes. 

"Oh who's this Harry?" He asked looking at me with hungry eyes. 

"I dunno." Harry shrugged with a cute smile on his face. "She just fell from the tree."

"Oh wow an angel!" He joked.

"Louis..." Harry laughed.

"What is your name tree girl?" Louis asked.

"Zoey." I smiled.


Tree girl. I smirked. They didn't let that go for months. Louis also called me angel for months even after that. I will never be able to forget that day. I don't think I can forget any of the days I met the boys. 


A/N Stay tuned in because there will be flash backs for when she met the other three! And if you think that was a strange first encounter just wait :)

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