"Why dont you love me." He whispered. I was scared to talk, too scared. How was he gonna react when i told why i cant? is he gonna be mad? Sad? I dont know.I looked into his eyes, searching for a reaction, sadly there isnt any. "I just cant.". I mumbled."Why not? You know i love you, so why cant you love me? Are you scared for love?" I shool my head no."Then why cant you?" I sighed deeply."Because,well do you remember the incident?" He nodded "Thats why, i dont trust love anymore."


8. What.The.Fuck??

~1 week later~

"Did you see that?" Louis asked with a sly grin

"No." i laughed

Currently we are outside playing around. We dont really play anything we just fool around.None of us have talked to Harry, not even Louis.The only time we see him is when we go out to hunt, but else no.

"Allright, wanna go for a little snack?"

"Sure, where to this time Niall?" i asked

"let's go to the country side" he smirked

"Very well then, who will get Harry this time?" i asked

They all looked at me.

"Really? but he doesnt want to talk to me.."

"we know Sam but You guys need to sort things out. Please for me?" Niall asked giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Fine." i huffed.

I slowly made my way inside. I would lie if i said that im not scared. I walked down the hall and then took a left untill i stood infront of Harry's door. I knocked softly on his door.

"Go away!" He shouted.

"Harry please open up the door we need to talk." A few seconds after the door swung open.

"Come in." he sighed

I walked over to his bed and sat down.

"Harry listen im sorry i yelled at you and that i hit you with a vase, but plea-"

"No im sorry too, i shouldnt have used you back then, im so sorry." he whispered

"Harry i accept the apology, but why did yo-"

"You know why. Just let it go."

"Let it go? Harry i ca-"

"Just let i go." He growled. wow bipolar much?

"I cant. Just exp-"

"No , im not gonna tell you why."

"Harry please. Im begging do it for me?" i pleaded





"I said no!"

"Please! for me? plea-"

Before i could finish my sentence, i felt his cold lips on mine.


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