"Why dont you love me." He whispered. I was scared to talk, too scared. How was he gonna react when i told why i cant? is he gonna be mad? Sad? I dont know.I looked into his eyes, searching for a reaction, sadly there isnt any. "I just cant.". I mumbled."Why not? You know i love you, so why cant you love me? Are you scared for love?" I shool my head no."Then why cant you?" I sighed deeply."Because,well do you remember the incident?" He nodded "Thats why, i dont trust love anymore."


3. Those eyes..

" it all started 300 years ago...."


"Dad where are we going?"

"To the Kings palace."


"Because he is your future husband sweetie."

"But dad im not even 18 yet."

"I know sweetie, but..."

"But what dad?"

"just keep walking."

Before i knew it we stood infront of the kings palace. And it was huge.

"Why dont you look at the flowers i'll go and talk to the butler."

"ok dad."

i wasnt sure why i should look at the flowers but they where actually pretty.


"You're dad made you go look at the flowers?"

"Yes something wrong with that louis?"

"That's so...GAY."

"For gods sake louis!"


"Wait it was you who where at the palace?"

"Yes why harry."

"Because i actually was the one who turned you."

i Gasped. What? He couldnt be the one who turned me, he only has one power.

"But Harry u cant be the one who changed me. Im 1 year older than you, and u only got one power..."

"I lied..."

Now i wasnt the one who gasped. But theboys did.

"I'm not 299 years old im actually 600..."

Everything made sense now. The curls, the eyes. I was Harry that turned me...

"I knew i had seen those eyes before..."

"And i dont regret any of what happend." He smirked

"You bastard! I lost my fucking virginity to you!"

The boys just looked at my, like i was some crazy girl

"Wait let me get this strait, Harry where once a king?"

i simply just nodded.

"And he turned you?"

For gods sake yes liam! i nodded

"And you 2 did the "thing"?"

" He kinda raped me. For him i was just a bloodbag nothing else."

"But u sure did taste good." Harry smirked

"Fuck You."

" Yeah id fuck me too."

"U never got revenge Sam?"

"Actually i did. i killed him when he turned me, poor thing." Now it was my time to smirk

"Guys light up the mood." Louis was trying so hard to lightin up the mood but he couldnt.

A sweet smell suddenly filled my nosetrills and my eyes turned red. I asume the other boys could smell it too by the looks of it. All red eyes.

"Looks like im gonna have a snack." And with that i was out the door i less than a second.

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