"Why dont you love me." He whispered. I was scared to talk, too scared. How was he gonna react when i told why i cant? is he gonna be mad? Sad? I dont know.I looked into his eyes, searching for a reaction, sadly there isnt any. "I just cant.". I mumbled."Why not? You know i love you, so why cant you love me? Are you scared for love?" I shool my head no."Then why cant you?" I sighed deeply."Because,well do you remember the incident?" He nodded "Thats why, i dont trust love anymore."


7. Man Period?

I ran up to him as fast as i could, and slammed my fist into his face.He stumbled back and landed on his bed. I gotta love being a vampire. I laughed bitterly, and he just stared angrily on me.

''Too scared huh? I'm not scared at all u idiot. You took my life away from me!''

I took a good look at him before i went for the door, but before i could open it he took my wrist and slammed me to the door. I look mad. Oh well like i care anyway.

''Listen.Do you think you could slip away with hitting me? No way, i'm not gonna let you go that easily. I know youre secret Sam.''

My eyes went wide. No. How does he know it. I never told anyone.

''How do you know?''

''I got ears and eyes Sam, be careful.'' And with that he let me go.

What did he mean by that? He is probaly trying to scare me. And i ust admit he kinda is. I quickly went out the door and downstairs.

''Sam is something wrong?'' Harry asked from behind me

''No. Everything is fine. Oh hey look is that a human?''

They all looked outside to see if there was one. but there wasnt. I raced across the room and took the nearest thing in my hand and threw with all my might against Harry.

''There isnt any hum-'' Crash right in the head.

''SAM!!'' oh shit he might be angry now. The boys attention went on me and Harry.

''You deserved you dick.'' i said coldly.

''You get 3 seconds to run.''

''Oh really? im not scared of you.''

''1..2..3'' He ran up to me, grabbed my neck and slammed me to the wall.

''Listen,Bitch. You got no right to be so angry towards me.''

''Yes i do. If you dont remember then let me refresh your mind a little bit. YOU raped me. YOU changed me, And YOU used me as a bloodbag and as a sex doll.''

All of the boys gasped execpt Harry ofcourse.

''I did, and you know why.''

Suddenly he dropped me to the floor, And ran out of the room.What is up with him? Is he on his man period?



- Hello lovelies.

I thought i owed you 2 chapters since i havent updated in like forever. So enjoy them.

Hopefully i will update tomorrow. So erhm yea stay fablulous my little unicorns!




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