"Why dont you love me." He whispered. I was scared to talk, too scared. How was he gonna react when i told why i cant? is he gonna be mad? Sad? I dont know.I looked into his eyes, searching for a reaction, sadly there isnt any. "I just cant.". I mumbled."Why not? You know i love you, so why cant you love me? Are you scared for love?" I shool my head no."Then why cant you?" I sighed deeply."Because,well do you remember the incident?" He nodded "Thats why, i dont trust love anymore."


9. Just the beginning.

I looked at him wide eyed while he just stood there looking at me.

"Dude what was that?!" i said

"what do you mean?" he smirked

"The kiss, why did you kiss me." I asked. The thing was, he must have a reason to kiss me, i mean i threw a vase at him. Dont tell me hes not mad about that. 

"Because i wanted to." He said innocently. I swear he is bipolar. One minute he is all angry and stupid, the next minute he is all cocky and dont give a damn about anything.

"Right." And with that i walked out of the room. I quickly walked outside where the boys where waiting for me.

"So did you guys solve your problem?"

"No we didnt. When we where about to talk about he just kissed me out of the blue, Louis. I dont know what to do anymore." i sighed.

"Well you cant do anything about it. Just let him be. Did he want to come hunting?" louis asked.

" Well i forgot to ask him that..." i trailed. 

"Well lets just go hunting anyway, Maybe he wil be out later." Liam said. 

"But he havent been out of his room in a week, hes probaly hungry, maybe i should ta-" Niall started but was cut off by a voice, that i swear i've heard before.

"Did i hear the word "hunt"? Cause im hungry." 

The dude or should i say mr bipolar finally decided to join us. How wonderful... 

"Look who finally decided to join us, mr bipolar, feeling strong?" I smirked. Well what can i say? i love to make him angry, and tease him.

"Watch your mouth." Harry growled at me.

"Fine, but dont get your panties in a twist." I yelled running away. 

Looks like this is just the beginning.



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