Bringing you out

Jillian and Lexi are from tow different classes of nerds, one of them is popular and cool the other a wall flower never seeing the light but that all changes when they meet Emma. Emma has just moved from the safari into a large school and she always seems to pick the oddest of people to hang around with... So can Jillian and Lexi put their heads together to pull of one of Emma's greatest schemes even with Bethany and her gang of wannabes in their way?


2. The New Setting

I woke up in a tangle of many silk and satin sheets, it was so soft but so tight on my skin, I pushed them away. I sat up, I looked around the room there was a pile of boxes in the corner of my room, my mum must have brought them up while I was  sleeping. I clambered out of bed feeling groggy. I needed a shower, I dip in the lake back in our old home always woke me up so I take it that a shower will have the same effect?

In the shower there were so many different things to use: lotions, bath bombs, shampoos, conditions and more but my mum had labelled what was mine and in what order I should use them which was good. I smelt each one of them before I used them in the safari my number one rule was don't go near anything if it don't smell right. 

After the shower I got dressed, my mum had laid out another set of jeans and another slinky shoulder top my shoes were still the same, which I was good with because they were easy to walk in as my feet had got used to walking in them. I looked around at the boxes that I had to unpack, it was a lot...

First was all my furniture, I had one white chest which I slid under the head end of my bed, my I had two bed side tables which of course I put either side of my bed, then I had my chair and desk with a mirror I put that in my small corner area close to my bed, then i had my desk without my mirror which I put where some of the boxes used to be and I had two large draws for my clothes which went side by side to my desk and that was that now just time to unpack the good stuff; my stuff...

My mum unpacked all my clothes for me and put them in the draws in an orderly fashion: pajamas, tops, trousers, dresses, sports gear, extras and then shoes. I only had three more boxes left now one of them was books and pens and stationary the others were memories and photos and ornaments. My books went under a handy little shelf on top of my desk without  a mirror and my ornaments I scattered around the room and then the photos I put in a large collage where there was an empty space opposite my bed and the rest I put in my chest. Done. 

I looked at my room and it felt more like me now, with the big collages and elephants and memories, I liked it. I went downstairs to see what the other rooms were: in the middle floor was mums room, she had gone with a cream and slender theme it looked really nice, my brothers room of course was covered in cars and the bathroom had a salty sea theme which I adored because I love the sea, I think I must be related to a water nymph or something because I love it that much also in the middle floor was a study with four computer and four desks and One large bookcase and that was it. On the ground floor we had our lounge, our kitchen, our dinning room and then our garage. I like it a lot. The change of scene was nice even the halls were decorated with us. I headed back up stairs to my room where I found my laptop on my desk and another pile of boxes but these were rapped and there was a note from mum. It said these were gifts from everyone in the street and that once I had put them wear I wanted I needed to write my thank you letters. I like this place a lot.

I opened the first one it was a selection of Fashion Girl's Makeup and hair accessories I put it orderly in my desk with a mirror, the next was  a selection of Nerd Girl's text books for each subject I put them in a neat pile on my other desk, I had many more presents each very different they ranged from a letter of death and a couple skull necklaces to a golden old fashion princess outfit. I liked everything I got and started on my thank you letters...

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