Bringing you out

Jillian and Lexi are from tow different classes of nerds, one of them is popular and cool the other a wall flower never seeing the light but that all changes when they meet Emma. Emma has just moved from the safari into a large school and she always seems to pick the oddest of people to hang around with... So can Jillian and Lexi put their heads together to pull of one of Emma's greatest schemes even with Bethany and her gang of wannabes in their way?


6. Second Lesson

I arrived at Music with Jason, we had talked all the way to Music, he seemed to be in all my classes. There was a siting plan in music I sat next to the mouse brown hair colored girl... I think her name was Lexi and on my other side was a jock. Great.

The teacher came in late she was young, ginger blonde hair with old fashion glasses. Music was slow we had to play a tune on any instrument of our choice. I of course picked the guitar, it was the only instrument I could play, I remember back in Africa me and my family would sing and dance around the fire late at night; it was beautiful. I played one of my favorite songs which I made up years back everyone, including the teacher seemed to be hypnotized by it, then I do remember the first time I heard it, it took me to the heart of the sea but into the deep of the Sahara, I loved it. The jocks belted out something on the drums which I can assure you was not a song. Next up was Bethany and her girls, they were going to sing. They started... Now I don't want to be rude but it sounded like someone was killing a rat who was in a cats stomach and the cat was being sat on by an elephant. After that, it was Jason's turn he played the guitar like me and his melody was like mine but reminded me of the cold, a winter's day frosted over the lake like a swarm of snow kind of thing. So that was everyone. The  teacher then said that she would be holding auditions for the school play they were doing Romeo and Juliet the modern version, with songs. I wanted to go for the part for Juliet's sister because I've read the book and she in my mind was the prettiest character. I raised my hand and others in the class did as well such as; Bethany, Tily, Lily, Jason, and one a couple of the jocks. Miss gave us the date and I felt an electric buzz go through acting was one of the things I had always wanted to do but never did. 

Jason complemented me on my playing and I did his he asked who I was going for in the play, I told him and he said he was going for Romeos best friend, it was strange neither of us had gone for the main character... 

The rest of the day flew by so quickly, I remember seeing the girl with mouse brown hair in all my lessons, but I don't think anyone else did, she was shy and quick I hadn't had a chance to talk to her yet but I was going to tomorrow also that flame head Jillian was in all my other classes to and we chatted and she said she was also going for the part of Juliet's sister but neither of us minded. I started the long walk home, to be honest it wasn't that long...

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