Bringing you out

Jillian and Lexi are from tow different classes of nerds, one of them is popular and cool the other a wall flower never seeing the light but that all changes when they meet Emma. Emma has just moved from the safari into a large school and she always seems to pick the oddest of people to hang around with... So can Jillian and Lexi put their heads together to pull of one of Emma's greatest schemes even with Bethany and her gang of wannabes in their way?


4. School Mornings

I got up at 7:30 we had to be at school for nine, after being in the shower and brushing my hair and teeth a put on my high wasted dark blue skinny jeans and looked for a top to wear. I found a mint green slinky shoulder top which will go nice with my mint green converses. My hair I brushed and because it is naturally straight I didn't do much with it, I added my clear lip gloss and I was done. 

I had lots of different types of bags for school today my color was mint green so I wore my mint green satchel, it didn't really have much inside, it had my pencil case and my dinner money and that was it, I knew when I got to school I would get my planner but that wouldn't weigh much either. I was just about to have my daily breakfast when the door rang it was 8:15 at this point. It was Bethany, Tily and Lily. They all looked stunning in their outfits, Tily wore a light purple dress which defiantly did not reach her knees as it said all clothes must cover, her hair was up in a large doughnut bun with her side fringe out her sister wore the same dress but in  a dark red color and her hair was the same they really did look identical besides their colors but Bethany was completely different she wore a ruffled hot pink dress which reached to just above her knees and her hair was in down but in tight curls. Each of their lips and eye shadow matched the color of their dress and the rest was the same. "Can we walk to school with you?" Said Bethany in that innocent voice. I really needed someone to walk with so I agreed with it and we left but not before I could grab a brunch bar because I was starving. 

We had to walk passed all the other houses to get  to our school. As we walked passed it seemed like everyone left at the same time because a heard of darkly dressed people were a couple of meters in front of us, nerdy green people were on the other side of the road along with two rather chubby boys the jocks came out of their house grabbed both of the boys and put them in a bin before coming over to this side of the road to mingle with us. The girls continued walking on wards but I quickly crossed the road and helped the boys out I think another boy had the same idea I hadn't seen him before, not in real life anyway I saw him in a picture he lived at Number Eight of my street.

After the boys had left he came over to me and held out his hand "Jason." I shook it, it was soft yet firm "Emma." He smiled and we walked towards the school together in silence, but it was nice...

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